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Be it a Life Coach or a Counselor, both plays a very important role in our society. The society that has good counselors & life coaches flourishes. An individual who is willingly working with a life coach or a counselor is bound to make his or her life better in one way or other.

But what exactly does a life coach do? What exactly counselors do? Is there any difference between a counselor and a life coach? Or both are the same? And if there is a difference whom shall I refer to for my own self?

In this article, I life coach Sahil Kumar Nagpal will answer all such questions and will help you understand how can you benefit from a counselor as well as a life coach. We will understand the basic difference between the process of life coaching and counseling.

First things first, as a student of life I have worked with a counselor and a life coach as well. During different phases of my life I have worked with many people. I have been benefitted by working with life coach & counselor as well. But I have worked with them during different phases of my life.

Further in this article I will explain my learning with them. I will also explain how as a life coach and a lifestyle guru what my work is and how people coming from various walks of life are benefited from it.

Who is a Counselor?

Sahil Kumar Nagpal

A counselor is a person who deals mostly with psychological problems. He or she is trained therapist and helps people deal with emotional issues, psychological issues and other mental health related problems.

Who is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a person who empowers people to take charge of their life. Life coach will help a person achieve life goals, overcome problems, make productive changes in lifestyle and initiate into the process of self-development.

Myths About Counseling

Many of us believe that only when a person loses his mind completely he should go to a psychologist or a therapist. When a person becomes incapable of controlling his mind he should go to a counselor.

When to refer to a Counselor?

In reality one can consult a counselor whenever he or she needs any type of psychological help or guidance. You need not to go completely insane to visit a counselor. If you have some emotional issues, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, extreme fear, etc you should visit a good counselor.

Myths About Life Coaching

myths about life coaching by sahil kumar nagpal

Some people think that they don’t need any life coach. They think they themselves will achieve their goals in life and overcome problems in life. And they live in this illusion until life hits them hard.

Yes many people do live their entire life without the help of any life coach. But if you look at people who have done exponential work, all had life coaches in their life.

When to refer a Life Coach?

If you have an unresolved issue in life that is bothering from a long time, if you have certain goal in life that is exponential, it is better to take the guidance of an expert. A person who is expert in science of building lifestyle, understanding strategies, understanding mind and who is spiritually well experienced can make your journey a lot easier.

My experience with Counselor

My journey with a counselor
by Sahil Kumar Nagpal

I never needed a counselor in my life. But at a certain point I had a strong urge to go to a counselor, but I couldn’t find any specific reason about it. Yes, I had many goals in my life and I wanted to learn about mind, mind’s power and secrets to succeed in life, but I wasn’t sure if I would get it from a counselor.

However, I did start my sessions with counselor, and I learnt a lot about mind. I also learnt a lot of techniques and methods which were extremely helpful back then.

My experience with Life Coach

My journey with a life coach was life changing so to say. It started with specific goals. Some I achieved, some I realized are not my priorities.

Working with a life coach made me clear about what exactly I want and what I think I want. In my book Life The Way You Design | Part 2 – The Method, I have explained this in great detail in 3rd, 4th & 5th chapters. We think we want something but in reality we don’t want it. And because we keep on pursuing the things that we don’t actually want it creates a lot of issues in life. Also, it keeps us away from the actual thing that we want and we can achieve easily.

My journey as a Life Coach

My Journey As A Life Coach

I started my journey as a life-style guru. But soon I realized that people need a proper method of guidance, help & consultation. I realized that there is not one solution that works for everyone.

So, I decided to design my own life coaching methodology that can help individuals coming from various walks of life and with various situations. I am giving Life Coaching in India and even in abroad, offline & online.

I have worked with individuals like businessmen, doctors, politicians, athletes, counselors, public speakers, consultants, literal celebrities, models, actors, householders, students, etc. I also work with corporates like Reliance, GACL, Powergrid, GAIL, GSFC, Inox, Aditya Birla, Shell, Cogent, etc.

What I offer as a Life Coach?

Online life coaching

As a Life & Wellness Coach, as a lifestyle guru I have been empower people from almost two decades now. I help people with general psychological and or mental issues, relationship issues. I help them excel in their career, especially if someone wants to quit his or her job and start his own business. I give spiritual discourses and help people realized their true self.

How I give Life Coaching?

I give one to one sessions. This is a premium coaching program where we intend to make major change in direction of life.

  • A person wants to change is career
  • A couple intends to bring more romance in their life
  • A person who wants to bring productive changes in lifestyle
  • A person who is willing to solve some lifestyle related disorder
  • A person who intends to begin spiritual journey

I also conduct workshops & seminars on various aspects of life. I run online Progressive Continuous Wholistic Wellness Workshop that helps an individual explore new dimensions of life and unleash their super human potential.

But I don’t give coaching to anyone. There is a selection process where first we understand if the person actually needs life coaching at that point of life. Then we see if he needs my life coaching or someone else.

Do I need a Life Coach?

Everyone can use a life coach or a guru. But not everyone will walk the path. Whether you need a life coach or not is for you to decide.

First thing you need to understand where you are in life and where you want to be in your life. Second thing you need to decide that you will put in conscious efforts to get where you want to go. Third you need to find a proper life coach who can take you there.

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