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What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching India?

LIFE COACHING is a word that sounds familiar but is completely alien to many people. However the word itself explains about the concept. Just like football coaching is about learning football, life coaching is about learning certain aspects of life.

For the people who are new to life coaching in India and elsewhere it is very natural to feel that a life coach must be a person who has seen & experienced all the different aspects of life.  In a way yes, but life is a much broader concept and life coaching is mostly a niche based coaching.

Who is a Life Coach?

Who is a life coach in Ahmedabad

So when a person says he is a life coach it is more of a generalized statement. Those who have done computer engineering & those who have done mechanical engineering both are considered as engineers.

Similarly people coming from different backgrounds can be considered as life coach. So a life coach can be a business coach, health coach, relationship coach, holistic coach, wellness coach, mind coach, performance coach, etc.

But essentially a person who has expertise & skills in certain aspects of life and have at least some experience in other aspects of life can be considered as a life coach.

In this article we will cover what are the 10 major benefits of life coaching process?

1) Distinct Perspective

When you are working with a life coach in Vadodara or any other part of the world the very first benefit that you get is you get to see your situation from a different perspective. You see a situation in your life in a particular way. But maybe you are seeing it from a lens that you have developed from your life experiences and you do not have enough experience and or knowledge to see that situation the way a life coach will see.

Like for example people who climb Mount Everest always take sherpas with them. Sherpas are people who live at a certain height in the Himalayas. Because of that they have a different level of experience & knowledge that the mountaineers do not learn in their training camps, the knowledge that can be a determining factor between life & death. While tracking Mount Everest having a perspective of Sherpa and while tracking LIFE having a perspective of Life Coach can be a huge advantage for success.

2) Conscious Direction

Most of us tend to react or response to anything that comes in front of us. When in school, exams came up so we started preparing from exams, when college completed we started looking for job, when got a job started to think about marriage, after marriage started thinking about kids. We tend to live life the way it is going without thinking much about it.

One keeps on doing what he or she is doing until one encounters an obstacle or a dead end. And then one realizes that ‘oh may be I am going in wrong direction’, that too if he is smart enough to realize it.

Working with a life & wellness coach in Surat will give a conscious direction to your life. Whatever it is that you are doing you’ll be able to do it more consciously, more passionately and if it is something that you shouldn’t be doing or are not interested in doing then your life coach will make you realize it and direct you on a track that is right for you.

3) Realizing Weaknesses

In an experiment done on some 30 people, it was found that we human beings tend to rate ourselves a bit high in every aspect of life. It is called as illusory superiority and sometimes referred to as Dunning-Kruger effect in the field of social psychology. We all have this tendency of overrating our skills, which seems okay.

But the more closer we are to the reality the more are our chances of success in life. When you work with a Life Coach in Ahmedabad, especially a Performance Coach, you will be able to realize what our drawbacks are, what our weaknesses are. Not only this but once you realize your weaknesses you will work to address them and convert them into your strengths under the guidance of your coach.

4) Recognizing Strengths

The opposite of illusory superiority is imposter’s syndrome where a person is not aware of his or her strengths. He or she has self doubt on whether he or she actually deserves what he or she desires for. And in some worst cases self doubt on whether he or she actually desires to what he or she already have.

Again when you have a good Life Coach with you, he or she will make you see what in reality your true strengths are. Where exactly are you over burdening yourself and subconsciously suppressing your real potential. And then he or she will coach you on how to overcome this self destructive pattern.

5) Rectifying Opportunities

It is said that one opportunity comes once in a life time but other opportunities keep on coming in life. But none of this will matter if you are not able to distinguish between an opportunity and what looks like an opportunity. Because of many reasons like self doubt, doubt on others, past experiences, etc many times we are not in a mental condition of realizing an opportunity.

When you have someone who knows exactly what you want, what you need and what you are capable of, and when that one knows the real world, he or she can guide you in your initial stages so that you can take decision in right direction. This is what a good life coach will do for you.

6) Finding A Passion

Once upon a time there was child born in a very well known blacksmith family. As he grew up his father taught him to make iron utensils but he was not good enough as he was not able to deliver appropriate impact with his hammer. Everyone in the family looked down on him and his father was ashamed of him.

People thought he is so much weak to deliver a good blow on the hot iron; he won’t be able to make good utensils. But one day a goldsmith was passing by and saw the child hitting iron with hammer, he immediately realized the talent and asked the father to let the child come with him. Child was anyway useless so father let him go with the goldsmith. After 10 years the child became the most famous goldsmith because of his art of hitting with the hammer very softly(a quality essential for goldsmiths) & later when the child came back home he had earned more than 10 generations of his family.

Realizing one’s own passion is very important to excel in life. Every one of us is good at many things, great at some things and unbeatable at one thing. If one realizes this passion of his or her then he or she will rise above everything in life and that is the job of a life & performance coach.

7) Keep You On Track

Even after finding one’s passion it is very easy for us to get distracted over a period of time. There are so many distractions in life that we can very easily get coiled up in the mundane tasks of life and miss to achieve our true potential.

Life & Wellness Coach who himself is disciplined and focused will keep you on track as long as you are choosing to work with him.

8) Smoothly Overcome Challenges

A life coach will coach a person but not participate in the person’s game, because that is the way life coaching works. But sometimes some challenges are so tough that person can easily give up or end up choosing wrong path.

Having an experienced life & holistic coach with yourself who takes a small leap to give you that extra support you need will make you win the challenge that life has thrown at you.

Once you overcome this big challenge that mostly happens once or twice in life then everything is smooth & easy and so having a life coach is very crucial in times like this and even after this.

9) Ability To Create Opportunities

A person who & when excels in life is able to create opportunities not only for himself or herself but also for other people. A true life coach will always help you create more opportunities in different sectors of life.

When you have practiced enough times you will know the recipe of success and when you find enough ingredients for success you will create opportunities with an appropriate guidance of a life coach.

10) Independence

We human beings are social creatures and in many cases people in a social structure we seek for other people’s advices & guidance. This process when conducted fearfully & unconsciously, over the period of time one slowly gets depended on other person’s advice.

Or in other words he or she loses self confidence and ability to analyze the situation in a productive way. Every time there is a problem or challenge in life he or she will seek other people’s help or advice. The entire process of online or offline Life Coaching, is to take this tendency of depending upon different people and concentrate on just one authentic spot, one appropriate source that is the life coach.

And then at the end of coaching the Life Coach will make the person so much equipped and empowered that he or she will not only navigate smoothly in his or her life but will be able to help other people to solve the problems of their life and overcome challenges.


these are the most common benefits that one can see all over. Every life coach himself or herself has and or is taking coaching from a more experienced life coach in one or other aspects. Every person who is highly successful always had or has a coach in his or her life. Some are open to share and some are secretive about it but the fact is that every person is subject to life coaching process.

You can also grow yourself exponentially under a highly effective life coach. But the key thing is that the stuff your life coach teaches must be something you can relate to. For example a person who is pragmatic will not reap as much benefits from coach who is a bit philosophical. So you may choose accordingly.

May you find a good life coach that is suitable to you and may you grow to your optimum level.

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