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Sahil Kumar Nagpal is an Indian author, researcher, and life & wellness coach in India. He is a martial artist, yogi & entrepreneur. With thorough knowledge of modern psychology, he researches in various ancient sciences that control the functioning of the human body & mind, and the universe.

Life Coach Sahil Nagpal received his black belt in the traditional full-contact style of karate (Kan Zen Ryu) & K1 Kickboxing. He is a certified international-level 2 Yoga & Wellness Teacher from the Indian Yoga Association (IYA), he has learnt and practiced the art of marma & prana vidya. He also learns & teaches the ancient battlefield science of India Sanatan Shastar Vidiya. Featured among the best life coaches in India he shares his knowledge through books, guest lectures, workshops, corporate training in India, articles, TV shows, etc.

As a leading corporate trainer, he is working with organizations like Reliance, GACL, Shell, Power Grid, Aditya Birla, Parul University, Gujarat University, and more. People coming from diverse walks of life like actors, business owners, teachers, coaches, doctors, models, politicians, artists, etc. prefer SKN as a life coach in India & abroad as well.

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Video Interview on VNM TV About 'Life The Way You Design' Book

on Burning Desire: The Voice of Emerging Writers

“Writing the book took 6 months, but more than a decade to put together the content in the book” – Sahil Kumar Nagpal

on Publish India: Your Words. Our Words.

Interview with Author Sahil Kumar Nagpal

Life The Way You Design | Part-1 The Designer

A book to change the way you look at life, and use your mind, body, and energies.

life the way you design book by sahil kumar nagpal

Life The Way You Design book is an amalgamation of modern sciences of physiology & psychology and ancient sciences of tantra & Vedanta.

It teaches the reader how he/she is practically in-charge of his/her life and how to technically take control of his/her life.

The book covers 9 chapters with practices mentioned at the end of each chapter.

The book explains in a practical & scientific way that just by understanding the functions of the mind, prana (energy) and body, one can take precise control of his/her life and become whatever he/she wants.

No one has ever provided such a practical and scientific explanation of how life works.

Best Life Coach and Corporate Trainer in India

As a leading corporate trainer and life coach in India, Sahil Kumar Nagpal offers the following services.

Life Coaching in India

Life Coaching is about finessing oneself to outperform our previous self in various sectors of life.

Corporate Training in India

Corporate Training gives employees a different level of perception, skill set & boosts productivity.

Workshops & Seminars

Educating people about their role in creating the life they want to live, science behind it & how to take charge of life.

Happy Clients

bhumika dave

There is a proverb “Guru bina gyan nhi” and it’s true. I watched many videos but all was in vain. Then I did wellness sessions with Sahil Sir and I’d like to say that he is very humble and nice teacher. He guided me a diet plan which was suitable according to my lifestyle. Also he mapped out a perfect healthy routine for me. Not only this, he also taught yoga to my mon which was suitable for her age. I thank Sahil Kumar Nagpal for being a wonderful guide.

Bhumika Dave
anuja karkare

I have taken life coaching sessions from Mr Sahil Nagpal for three months. It was indeed a life-changing experience. He gave me deep insights about core values of spirituality. His method of teaching is very easy to understand and follow. The customized session have brought a drastic change in my beliefs and my way of looking forward in life. I highly recommend Sahil Nagpal’s sessions for the best life coaching experience.

Anuja Karkare
Professional Translator
jayesh warude

Initially, it was hard to sit in meditation but then after doing it for a certain period, I used to feel different during different times of day. As I continued the practice given by Sahil, my experiences became more intense, I could feel power within me. I used to have different experiences during meditations. Also, my confidence increased. Before it, I used to feel nervous and hesitation around people. But after doing the practice for a long time, I lost the feeling of smallness. In my business, I have grown a lot and I’m grateful for all the teachings and guidance by Sahil. He is the best life coach in India.

Jayesh Warude
Salon Owner
kanan joshi

Being a Maths tutor, it was quite challenging for me to deal with my neck pain, until Sahil mentioned about MARMA CHIKITSA. Without a doubt, I agreed to take the sessions and my pain was miraculously healed. From that day, I have never experienced that pain again, though I teach 2-3 hours daily.

Kanan Joshi
Assistant Professor

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