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Is LIFE COACHING for the weak?

The general understanding about life coaching is that those who are weak seek help. People consciously or subconsciously think that they will do it themselves, the problems they have in their life or the goals they want to achieve, all of it they will do it by themselves. They don’t need any damn coach to achieve their goals, they’ll do it themselves.

It is like saying I’ll learn cricket by myself and will win the world cup. It is so funny and stupid; I know it because a decade ago I would think the same.

Who Is Best Life Coach In India Sahil Kumar Nagpal

What Is Life Coaching?

LIFE COACHING is updating to our optimum version. People don’t go to the gym because they are weak; they do it to get more strength, health & fitness. They don’t take on any skill learning course because they are uneducated; they do it because they want to upgrade themselves in terms of knowledge and experience. They want a better version of themselves.

Similarly people who undertake life coaching are those who want to get the best version or we can say the latest version out of them. Life coaching is the process of making super human out of a human.

What is the science behind life coaching in India

What Is Science Behind Life Coaching?

True HUMAN POTENTIAL/Cerebral Capacity

According to a survey human beings have been able to use only 10% of their true cerebral capacity and it is observed that many of us don’t even use that properly. As an individual our energies and focus are predominantly distorted and so all our actions are not much fruitful.

However whenever we focus our energies in one direction our actions become precise and results are mostly favourable. It’s like flowing water, when it is concentrated it can also cut metal. According to various researches the output of our actions is determined by many factors but the major factors are the type of actions we take, the timing of our actions and the situation we are in.

All these factors are influenced by our thought process or we can say the functioning of our mind. Functioning and the state of our mind are determined by the state we keep our body and energies in.

“The man who has control over his own mind assuredly will have control over every other mind. That is why purity and morality have been always the object of religion; a pure, moral man has control of himself. He who knows and controls his own mind knows the secret of every mind and has power over every mind. ”

Swami Vivekananda

A whole research and study has been done by many self explorers & scientists of past and modern experiments & tests have proved the efficacy of such studies. Now we have various methods, techniques and knowledge of lifestyle that can boost our productivity drastically depending upon how quickly we adapt to it. The results of the work we do whether in professional life or personal life fundamentally is determined by these three things, INPUT (perception), PROCESSING (thinking) and OUTPUT (actions).

Life Coaching, whether it is about an individual, couple, family or an organization, whether it is about solving problems, resolving conflicts or achieving goals, is all about understanding the phenomenal functioning of life and being in sync with it. It is about realizing one’s role in creating our reality and then taking a conscious charge of the role.


I used to faint in situations where I wanted to do the task but was also afraid to do. My whole body would get cold and couldn’t see anything even if my eyes were open. As my guru, Sahil Nagpal said, “in certain situations my mind could not take decision so it would go blank” Sir gave me a very effective solution i.e. take deep breaths 10 times closing your eyes and repeat it 3 to 4 times a day. And it works and from then I haven’t fainted. Thanks a lot to you sir.

Shaivi Patel


I was on a journey wherein patterns of getting stuck in same problems again and again can be seen but was not at all clear, untill I met Sahil who not only empowered me physically but mentally and emotionally, bringing a new light and transformation deep to the core of my existence. I thank him for his immense support and thorough knowledge.

Kanan Joshi


Had two sessions of my life coaching and continuing, Sahil actually listen all your problems and I don’t how he manages it so beautifully that my problem actually doesn’t look a problem. He has a vast knowledge of meditation and a positive approach to help others from his knowledge.

Manorama Singh


It was an eye opening session with him

Deepika Jaradi

Spending a lot of time searching for ways to empower, manifest, and step towards awakening, I tried numerous techniques, did a breadth workshop, joined an NGO, taught health and happiness workshops myself, struggling to reach a desired transformation. Sahil was a frequently visiting friend; however, it was not the time perhaps that I had any life-changing conversations with him, until one day when effortlessly he started guiding me and providing solutions. Sooner it was discovered that he is coaching me through all aspects of life, and there began my life coaching sessions. Never have I been through such devastation when Sahil stepped in and started empowering me.
His methods are unique and extremely effective. None of the advanced techniques learnt in all entitled spiritual courses and practices offered by varied organizations gave me such experience which Sahil’s techniques and knowledge gives in few seconds. The mind becomes zero and observation of transformation begins at once. He doesn’t impose his thoughts or knowledge, rather brain-storms you to dig deeply into your own life and extract learnings from the same.
Unlike the conventional ways the blend of self-exploration and jiffy directions which Sahil extends opens unbelievable perceptions, rather wipes of many untidy, unnerved and unwanted impressions.
I owe what I am today to my dearest friend and life coach Sahil Nagpal, my journey still continues… with him.

Kanan Joshi


Good season with sir.

Shefali Chaudhary

I am a professional translator & Yoga Teacher. I have taken life coaching sessions from Mr. Sahil Nagpal for three months. It was indeed a life changing experience. He had given me deep insights about core values of spirituality. His method of coaching is very easy to understand and follow. The customized sessions have brought a drastic change in my beliefs and my way of looking forward in life.

Sahil Nagpal is the best life coach anyone can have. I highly recommend Mr. Sahil Nagpal’s sessions for life learning experience.

Anuja Karkare

Who Is A Life Coach?

Life Coach is a person who is expert in a particular niche/sector of life. But also he or she is well aware of other aspects of life.

A life coach is a person who understands the principles of self-development. He or she knows the process of upgrading a person by overcoming obstacle of life.

A life coach can be a business coach, health & wellness coach, mind coach, performance coach, fitness coach, relationship coach or spiritual coach.

Who needs a life coach in India by Sahil Kumar Nagpal

Who needs Life Coach?

  • A person who is ready to unleash his or her true potential.
  • Who wants to overcome various challenges in life.
  • Who wants to set right goals and pursue them all.
  • Who is curious about various possibilities in life.
  • Who is successful but wants to explore more about life.

How is life coaching with Sahil Kumar Nagpal like?

It is about exploring needs, wants & desires by asking appropriate questions. Life Coaching with Sahil is about exploring the strengths & weaknesses of the coachee and addressing the weaknesses by taking stern steps at right time and cultivating them into strengths. In the process life coach & coachee set the right goals and then strategizing the entire process.

During the process of life coaching with Sahil Kumar Nagpal, the coachee learns how life functions. The process of life coaching is about understanding the fundamentals of life that is body, energies & mind. It is about learning different methods of taking charge of body, energies & mind and thereby taking charge of life.

Types Of Life Coaching

  • Life Coaching
  • Wholistic Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
Corporate Coaching & Training