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What is the UNIVERSAL PROBLEM in corporate?

For various reasons like upbringing, habitat & genetics, mostly all the human beings all over the world have burden themselves with unnecessary load and so cannot realize their true potential. We have created a constrict mindset that a specific work can be done only a specific way. This has taken a toll on the potential of thinking out of the box.

If only one strives to know his/her potential one can unleash one’s true strength and boost productivity, actions & output. Based on the years of research and study in modern sciences and ancient sciences and after practical implementation on different subjects we have designed various corporate programs that actually helps the participants to realize their true strengths and teaches methods and techniques to boost their overall output on individual, team and company level.

“Ninety percent of thought-force is wasted by the ordinary human being, and therefore he is constantly committing blunders. The trained man or mind never makes a mistake.”

Swami Vivekanada

Corporates Sahil Kumar Nagpal Worked With:

Soft Skills Trainer Sahil at Reliance Industries

How effective is training with Sahil Kumar Nagpal?

As a corporate coach and soft skills trainer my entire effort is to make the participants realize their true potential, not only theoretically but practically through:

  • conceptual training
  • entertaining games
  • infotainer lectures
  • self-check exercises
  • brain storming tasks
  • practices & meditations
  • videos and
  • routine homework

and empower them by teaching them to use it in their everyday life, thereby creating a better individual, team, organization and society.

Sahil Kumar Nagpal is a soft skills corporate trainer to various corporates, PSUs, colleges, universities, small & medium enterprises. He basically work on behavior skills, interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills, self development skills and efficiency skills. 

Feedback Of Corporates For Training Sessions:

We had invited Mr. Nagpal for a session on self defence on Womens Day and it was a total hit. He has in-depth subject knowledge and gives justice to each session that he delivers. His session on Decision Making by Managing Emotions was much appreciated by all the participants. His charm and charisma is cherry on the cake.

Bhumi Shah G.A.C.L.

Bhumi Shah G.A.C.L.


This program is outstanding. It challenges the mindset and pushes the actions. It teaches how to achieve your goals, while protecting happiness at the same time. It’s a real game changer!


Sunny Patel, SunFin Realty

I am owner and head coach of 10x shooting academy,
Mr. Sahil Nagpal is very good life coach, my shooters give very good review after session, thank you very much it was great experience.


Ravi Patel, Owner 10X Shooting Academy

The session was very effective, Many of the things shared in the session were familiar to me – however the session was like a reminder to me – was conducted very well
I learnt that to be effective we need to attend our self – our breathing, our posture, need to exercise everyday, need to meditate and have self talk. Need to be antermukh – introspection. Liked to know the relation between five senses with five tatva s
Learn’t to be Concious and Focused


Dr. Manisha Bhushan Pathak

Director Academics, Parul University

Definitely this program effectively help us in all aspect means in our profession as well as individual personnel to improve our work/ life focus & efficiency program was so excellent. thank you very much teachers .Sahil sir & Shefali mam.


Swati Sikligar

Coffor Construction Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Short training but very effective . INTERESTED TO ATTEND FULL COURSE




This training will definitely be helpful to manage our day to day stress level and indirectly it will increase our efficiency, productivity and also may helpful to achieve our targeted goal in define time period.


Chandrakant Bharakhda

Admark Polycoats Pvt Ltd

Soft Skills Training Topics

Corporate Soft Skills Training BM3 In India
BM3 – Body Mechanics & Mind Management Program

There is an understanding that fitness is only physical and applicable to some sport or hardcore physical activity. But in reality for any type of physical and/or mental activity a basic fitness is required.

Even in corporate work environment we need a specific type of fitness which keeps our body & mind in optimum work condition. BM3 is a customized program in which we train the employees on how to keep body & mind in optimum condition to fetch optimum results in whatever work one does. 

Best Corporate Soft Skills Trainer In Vadodara India
Emotions & Intelligence

Michael Beldoch first introduced the concept of emotional intelligence in 1964 paper and it states that emotional intelligence is the ability to understand one’s own emotions and its influence in one’s activity and then developing the ability to understand other person’s emotions and deal with the person accordingly.

Emotional intelligence is considered the major factor for success of any organization or any individual. The common conception is that emotions are something when we feel very happy or very sad but in reality at any given point of time we have a certain level of emotion. In fact we human being are nothing but an emotional body. To make other people work we need to understand the other person’s emotional state.

Emotional Intelligence is a program that explains scientific reasoning behind the emotions of the person and its influence over his/her performance. In the program we provide training of how to be in control of our emotions and how to deal with people with different emotional states.

Public Speaking Workshop In India
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Public speaking is considered as the biggest reason for fear, even bigger than death itself. Many talented and skilled people lack behind in the corporate world because they are not trained in this subtle art of public speaking.

It is a skill that most people do not understand. It has become very important in all fields today. Corporates are losing a whole lot of talent because of lack of public speaking & presentation skills in their team. There is a huge demand for public speaking trainer in India.  

Leadership Development trainers in India, Gujarat, Vadodara
Leadership Development & Delegation Skills

The program is specially designed for people at leadership level. A leader is one who knows the role of leading and the role of following as well.

This program is designed for people at leadership position like managers, directors, HR executives, etc. A leadership trainer in India is a must in corporates.

Stress Management

Stress is the biggest obstacle of a person’s growth and so it is a common snag in corporate world. Stress is a physical response towards particular situations of life and like any response it is meant to be for a reason. However due to improper lifestyle and wrong mindset person develops stress related problems.

Stress management program teaches the science behind stress response of body and how to take control of this response for productivity.

Body Language & Communication Skills

In a study, it was found that most of the issues in an organization are created because of lack of proper communication. This skill is not only important in public speaking events but also in day to day corporate life.

It is highly important that an organization organize a communications skills seminar regularly in their institution. There is a whole science behind body language & communication skills that highly impacts the overall output of a meeting.

Decision Making

Decision making is a very necessary aspect of not only many leadership positions but also people who are playing a critical role in a corporate or public sectors. Even a common person needs to learn this art of technical decision making. 

But in corporates this training is mostly for people who’s role impacts a lot of lives directly or indirectly.

Increase Focus & Efficiency

This is a general topic which can be customized for different people.
Life Coaching