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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a transformational training module designed for people on leadership level. People who are in Human Resource, Training & Development, Corporate Consulting uptake executive coaching in India.

How is Executive Coaching different from other Corporate Coaching or Training Programs?

Most corporate soft skills training programs are experiential programs. Executive Coaching in Vadodara, India or elsewhere are transformational training programs.

In simple language a normal employee enters into the executive coaching programs and walks out as a strong influential leader.

Who is Executive Coaching For?

Executive Coaching is for leaders, people working at leadership position or want to get to a leadership position. Executive training or coaching is suitable for business development executives, sales executives, directors, and people who have to deal with varied range of people on daily basis.

Why is Leadership Development important for executive presence?

Leadership Development is most essential skill to have an executive presence. Without having necessary leadership skills a person cannot become an effective executive.

In any type of executive job one needs to deal with people with different temperament. It is highly essential to get work out of people. That can be only done by learning leadership aspects of corporate world.

The urge to lead doesn’t make you a leader, it is the skills to lead that makes you a successful leader.

Sahil Kumar Nagpal

How is Sahil Kumar Nagpal a good executive coach?

Sahil Kumar Nagpal has an experience of 7 years is an active executive position. He ran an IT company and was involved in business development and project flow.

Sahil Kumar Nagpal conducts executive coaching programs for public sectors firms, multinationals and other small and medium scale enterprises.