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By Sahil Kumar Nagpal

An interviewer in an IT corporate company will at the least expect from the candidate to know how to run the computer and the software he or she is going to work on. Without this knowledge the candidate won’t be able to get precise output of the work assigned to him or her.

Similarly in life a person must have appropriate knowledge of how to use the fundamental tools that design our life and these tools are our body, mind and prana(energies).

Without the fundamental understanding of these tools, one cannot get precise output in his or her life. But with appropriate knowledge of these tools in terms of how they functions, how to use, when to use, how to give rest, when to give rest, etc one can get precise output in life, personal & professional.

Understand this that everything that you know as life is always in the mind. Nothing is outside of the mind. Try to remember any event or try to do anything without using mind. You won’t be able to do it.

So everything you know as life is in the mind and believe it or not the power to change everything is also in the mind. But have you ever wondered how this mind functions and how much of a role it plays in designing the life you want?

“The man who has control over his mind assuredly will have control over every other mind. That is why purity and morality have been always the object of religion; a pure, moral man has control of himself. He who knows and controls his own mind knows the secret of every mind and has power over every mind.”

Swami Vivekananda

Mind functions on three different levels that is input, processing and output. These functions determine the quality of our life. Understand that what we perceive and how we process it affects what type of action we will take and that will determine our life.

So, in order to have a consciously successful life one needs to manage one’s own mind at these three levels. It is so much surprising that a single situation is perceived differently by different people but what more surprising is that a single situation can be perceived differently by the same person when he or she is in different emotional state.

Emotions play a major role on how we perceive things. Most of the time certain intense emotions hype the situation, for example when a person is sad & depressed for some reason everything seems hopeless to him.

Similarly it works vice versa, when a person is happy he may perceive everything quiet positively. It may seem that the positive perception is good but in reality it is also as much counterproductive as the negative perception. Perception must be free from the influence of any emotion because it is not only about what we perceive but it is also about how we perceive.

Emotions blur our perception and the more intense the emotion is the more reality is blurred. It is the reason that most psychologists consider emotional quotient more relevant than intelligence quotient for material success. Emotional intelligence is the key to success and one must strive to bring this emotional stability in life.

Once we are free from the influence of emotions like fear, anger, jealousy, overwhelm, etc then the information that we have gained is untainted, it is clear and more real, then comes the processing part which is equally important. Processing part depends upon who processes the information, when I say who I do not mean person but the personality.

For example when in a company a team is working on a project and there happens a mistake then even though it is the same mistake, it will mean different thing to different people. For the intern it is just a mistake which she will have to work on, for an employee it is quiet serious as it may affect her growth, for team leader it is even more serious as it will impact his very next promotion which he will be getting right after the completion of the project, for the manager it is more important as she will be responsible for all the outcomes of the project.

So given the situation of the person he or she will act accordingly. Intern will not care about the outcome of the project she will care only about the work assigned to her. What others are doing is not her problem, once she is done with her work she is carefree. But the manager will care about the work assigned to each and every team member involved in the project, the outcome of their work; she will care about their needs, because ultimately all of this will affect the outcome of the project that is her responsibility.

But let say if the intern suddenly develops leadership qualities within herself and even though she is just an intern she is taking interest in what will be the outcome of the project, she is curious about how other people are executing the work assigned to them and how different things are happening in the project then she is already playing a potential manager role and sooner or later the intern will become a real manager.

So how person processes information is determined by who is processing the information, not the person but the personality and that further determines the person’s life.

So with what type of mindset you work will determine what your future will be, you can be working just like a regular employee or you can become curious about what you want in your life and start taking responsibilities of various things happening around you.

Once your perception is clear and your processing part is in sync with what you want in your life then your actions will be more accurate and precise toward your goals. There are two types of actions, reaction & response.

For more information get Life The Way You Design | Part 1 – The Designer, it is a self help book which is an amalgamation of modern sciences of physiology & psychology and ancient sciences of yoga, tantra & vedanta. It guides the reader on how to take charge of his or her life by taking control of certain aspects like body, mind & prana(energies). Available at Amazon.

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