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The type of morning you have will determine the type of life you will have. We all know the importance of morning rituals. And you can find a whole lot of articles & videos on different morning rituals to follow that can bring dramatic change in your life.

But in this article I, Life Coach Sahil Kumar Nagpal is going to share 10 very unique & highly effective morning rituals. These tips are so simple that it might feel that what significant difference it can make. But just like a pinch of salt can change the taste of meal, these small practices can change the game.

Following them sincerely can boost your overall productivity in life and can positively change your personality.

So let us begin…

1) Getup With The Support Of Your Hands

Always and always get up with the support of your hands. It is very common that when we get up from a sleeping position we tend to get up directly. In doing so our back is getting a lot of unnecessary strain.

When we get up from a long sleep even for an hour, our body is still in recovery mode. The oxygen level and the greasing in our joints are not in optimum state. When we directly get up from the sleeping position then we are putting too much stress on our spine and back muscles. This method damages the overall functioning of the body in the long run.

When you take support of your hands your spine is not getting any unnecessary load. Your body does not generate that level of stress when you get up directly.

Subconsciously you are preparing your body to go into flow state or ‘effortless effort’ state. As the flow state is all about executing the right technique but naturally.

2) Focus On Breath And Observe Your Emotions & Thoughts

What is the first thing you do when you get up? Check your phone or turn off the alarm or look at a picture or glance at your goal written somewhere or may be something else.

The moment we get up from a sleep our mind is in alpha state. It is still in the transition from Susupti (deep sleep) or Swapna (dreaming state) to Jagran (aware state). The type of thoughts and emotions you are having this time will tell you a lot about in which direction you are going in your life.

Whether deep down in your consciousness are you into a complaining mode, a fearful mode or you are truly enjoying your life. This process itself is a sadhana and can unveil a lot of hidden drawbacks that are pulling you behind.

So instead of putting in more information you try to observe the information that is already in your mind. Identify all the information that is counterproductive and holding you back. The moment you observe it and identify it as a drawback it drops.

No need for doing anything, just observe your thoughts & emotions. Identify the ones that you seem to counterproductive like complains, whine, fear, etc. And they will naturally drop.

3) Yawn With Full Sound

Have you ever wondered why do we yawn? It is body’s natural tendency to get rid of the friction we have within our body, in our muscles, veins, nerves etc. The moment you get up your body is in Tamasic (recovery) mode. Whatever a little or big stress (physical or psychological, in a way both are same) is there, by yawning fully it is releases through the natural stretching & vibrations that our sound makes.

You may have noticed this that many times when you yawn properly you feel very much relaxed after it. That is because yawning is inbuilt ability of getting rid of lethargy almost instantly. But these days many of us due to wrong habits have forgotten it completely.  

What you have to do is simply allow it to happen naturally. Don’t ruin it by directly jumping in to you daily routing or by checking your phone or by getting anxious that you got late. Allow yourself to yawn in full capacity.

4) Stretch All The Joints & Spine

Have you even seen a dog or cat resting? Whenever they get up first thing they do is stretch. This can be seen in all animals wild or pet. Why it is so? Just like yawning stretching the spine and the joints is the inbuilt pattern in all the living beings. It prepares the body & mind for the day.

But do we do this? And if we do it, do we do in a scientific way? Sukshma Kriya is a scientific way of opening up the energy centres of your body. It greases your joints, cleanses your nadis, improves blood circulation, open up chakras, increases oxygen in your body and channelizes the flow of prana in your body.

5) Vaman Kriya

Vaman kriya is a hatha vidya process. It comes into the category of shatkarma (six processes). It solves pitta & kapha related problems. It also opens up the granthis (Energy Knots) and make flow of the prana free in the body. It clears the mind & stabilizes the emotions.

It is recommended to learn it from a yoga teacher or guru. In this process after you get up in the morning and clean your bowels, you have to drink tepid warm water with a little salt mixed in it. Drink up to your full stomach capacity (1-2 litre). Then push your right hand’s first two or three fingers into your mouth deep down to your throat. Your body will puke out all the water and the undigested food of last night.

This process will not only clean your stomach pouch & oesophagus but it will also leave you much more meditative. Just make sure you empty your stomach completely. After doing it sit for a while with neck & back straight and focus on your breath and observe your thoughts. Feel the difference between before & after.

6) Water Your Plants

How can a simple act of watering the plants bring change in my life? Plants & trees are one of the major reasons for human existence. We have a special connection with plants & trees. It is a fact that plants & trees are a form of life and have a consciousness. When we water plants regularly we are fulfilling our bit of responsibility toward Mother Nature & environment. Watering plants regularly and watching them grow enhances our mood on daily basis.

Studies have shown that people who have plants at their home are more immune to psychological breakdowns and other mental issues. So, if you don’t have plants then it is time to get couple of them.

7) Read Or Learn

When we get up early in the morning our mind is in alpha state (8-13 Hz). That is our mind is much receptive and one pointed. When you read or learn something valuable in the morning chances are that the skill or knowledge that you have acquired will stay for long in your memory and it will have much more strong effect on your life.

8) Bathe In Your Own Sweat

After cleaning your bowels, do some physical activity. But the thing is that the physical activity should be so much intense that you sweat profusely.

The reason is that when you sweat, your body releases all the toxins from your body. Throughout the day we create a lot of toxins within our body. Our body can release all the toxins & impurities through sweat. This will leave your skin glowing, make you look younger & increase your overall wellbeing.

In order to do this you can join a yogasanas classes, dance, a sport, etc. The key thing is that the temperature must be right.

However I will advise don’t just start right away, slowly increase the intensity of your workout.

Caution: This advice is relatable to season & environment you live in. If you are living in a cold environment, you should not necessarily bathe in sweat. An intense workout will do.

9) Go To Powerful Places

What is a powerful place? A powerful place is something that is highly suitable for optimum survival, a place where you naturally feel fresh, energetic & uplifted, a place is which is full of oxygen and fresh water.

Places like river, beach, lake, forest area, mountain top, etc are very high in oxygen and fresh air. Going to such places will increase oxygen in your body, will bring awareness in your system, will calm your senses and make you alert, will improve your focus and basically refresh you completely.

A more subtle place to go is a temple, especially a primitive temple. A temple is a place where flow of the prana is channelized in a way that it uplifts your consciousness. The Agama Shastras covers a great deal of study on how temples are built and how they productively impact human wellness.

10) Take Enough Sunlight

This is well known that sun is the primary reason for life on earth. If tomorrow sun goes out, life will end on planet earth. Sun has not only a very strong impact on our life but also on our state of mind.

Latest studies have shown that deficiency of vitamin d plays a major role on depression. Vitamin d is very important for your physical as well as mental health.

Every morning after cleaning your bowels, cleaning your body inside out (workout & bathe), stand in front of the sun for couple of minutes. Stand with your back facing the sun and then the sides of your body.

Make sure to expose your body as much as possible and make sure that sun is at a 30 – 60 degree angle, depending upon the season and environment you live in.


These are the unique morning rituals that will

  • Improve your physical health
  • Improve your mental health
  • Bring emotional stability
  • Increase Awareness
  • Bring More Clarity
  • Increase Focus
  • Make You More Energetic
  • Decrease Stress
  • Channelize Your Energies (Prana)
  • Upgrade Yourself

If you can follow even 5 of the rituals for a prolonged period of time, you will see noticeable changes in your own self. Do it for a little long and people around you will also notice the changes in you and will be inspired by you.

  1. Get Up With The Support Of Your Hands
  2. Focus On Your Breath And Observe Your Thoughts & Emotions
  3. Yawn With Full Sound
  4. Stretch All The Joints & Back
  5. Vaman
  6. Water Your Plants
  7. Read Or Learn
  8. Bathe In Your Own Sweat
  9. Go To Powerful Places
  10. Take Enough Sunlight

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