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Yoga Vidya Schedule

DAYS: Mon Wed Fri

TIME: 05:45 am to 07:15 am

KNOWLEDGE & Q/A SESSION: Sun 09:00 am to 10:00 am

What is Yoga Vidya?

In order to understand Yoga Vidya, first let us understand, what is yoga? Yoga is one of the 6 Astik (Simple Meaning: Philosophy) Darshans of India.

However, what we see yoga today is a crude form of traditional Hatha Yoga. It includes mainly yogasana, pranayama, dhyana, Samadhi, mudra, bandha, etc.

The most famous part of hatha yoga is yogasana and pranayama. But in reality hatha yoga is a science of taking charge of one’s life. The process is accomplished by taking charge of one’s body, one’s prana (energies) and one’s mind.

So based on my own learning from various yoga ashrams and my training in martial yoga under Gurdev Nidar Singh, I have designed this Yoga Vidya tradition that has the ancient aspects of traditional hatha yoga.

In Yoga Vidya classes we practice the traditional style of hatha yoga. In simple words we learn to take charge of body by practicing various Yogasanas, one’s energies by practicing pranayama and one’s mind by practicing various types of meditations.

There are other aspects of the classes that are better experience than told.

How Yoga Vidya works?

According to Gheranda Samhita, Hatha Yoga is an individual experience. It is important to observe what is happening on the inside while practicing Hatha Yoga.

During the classes we emphasize on witnessing the experience on the inside. Rather than a teacher correcting the practitioner directly first priority is to bring the mistakes into awareness of the practitioners.

This empowers the individual to understand more about the body-mind connection and breath-mind connection. This connection is active throughout the day and it affects our day to day life.

By practicing and learning during the online Yoga Vidya classes, the practitioner of the Hatha Yoga becomes more aware of his body, prana & mind during the day. This way he or she takes charge of his or her daily actions and thereby he or she takes charge of his or her life.

What To Expect From The Program?

Yoga Vidya program is not about making the body flexible or strong but it is about experiencing the hidden energies that we all have within us. It is about releasing that energy and using it to heal the body & mind and other issues of life.

This program is about accessing the uncharted states of the mind and realizing one’s true potential. Having a flexible & muscular body is something that will any way happen with regular practice.

The practices taught in the program cleanses the body from the inside making the nadis pure. Breathing methods & pranayama makes the flow of the prana much more smooth & controlled. Different Meditations takes the participants into deeper states of mind that have not been accessed before.

Following are some pointers:

  • You will be able to detect physical and or mental issue.
  • You will be able to detect the actual source of the issue.
  • You will be able to figure out way to address those issues.
  • You will be able to teach others & empower them.
  • You will have more information about your body, mind & life.
  • You will feel more refreshed & energetic after the session.
  • You will be much more empowered in your everyday skills.

Is personal training available for Yoga Vidya?

Yes there are many teachers of Yoga Vidya that take personal classes. Depending upon the location one can have online classes online or offline.

योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः ॥

Yoga is stopping the fluctuations of mind/

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