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Why I Cannot Achieve My Goals – Without A Life Coach

Every year we take New Year resolutions. Whenever we see someone succeed, whenever we see someone living our dream, we think on our goals. And then we regret and feel guilty. At times we feel that our goals are simply not achievable and we tend to give up.

Why does this happen, what is the reason behind it? Why can someone easily achieve success and why some people struggle? These are some questions that I Life Coach Sahil Kumar Nagpal is going to answer in this article.


Understanding Mind For Life Coaching Process

First let us understand the human mind. Everything is in the mind and everything is first created in the mind. Every human creation that you see was once created in the mind, sometimes consciously & sometimes unconsciously.

Anything that you can create in your mind, you can create it in your life as well. This is a proven fact, not a superficial statement. So many people have proven this from time to time. Now the question is if it is so…

Why I cannot even get closer to my goal?

There can be many reasons for this depending upon the case. There can be outer situations where it is quite difficult to accomplish the goal in a given situation. But in majority of the cases the reason for not achieving the said goal is not outside but on the inside.


1) Self-doubt

Self Doubt In Life Coaching Process

This is a very common reason. Apart from other counterproductive aspects, you will find self-doubt in a person who is struggling. If you go and ask the person he may not admit that he has any self-doubt. But only if one investigates a little one will see that subconsciously one doesn’t think he deserves his dream life.

And then unconsciously he creates beliefs that protects his fear but counters his goal. He believes ‘in order to be successful you need to be already successful’, ‘in order to be successful you need to be smart’, ‘in order to be successful you need to have a degree’, ‘in order to be successful you need to have skills & knowledge’, ‘ in order to be successful you need to be this & that and blah, blah, blah’.

Yes, in many cases we need certain things to achieve success in particular tasks or projects. But we don’t need to cry about it, that we don’t have the things needed to be successful. We pursue the things needed to be successful and if it is not possible, we explore other options. But in any case, it is essential for the person to get out of self-doubt.

So this is what you can do to remove self-doubt:

  • Acknowledge your doubts
  • Check the reasons for the doubts
  • Point out possible options to overcome doubts
  • Execute one after other
  • Consult a mentor or talk to a life coach

2) Don’t Actually Want It

Dont Want Life Goals Without Life Coach Sahil

In my life coaching experience, I don’t see this reason so often. Maybe because individuals who work with a life coach are mostly clear with what they want. However, when it comes to a larger audience, most of the people have desires that they have picked from here & there. They desire things that they don’t actually want.

Such things are actually a distraction in their supreme path of life. They can achieve pinnacle of their actual fields, their passions but because they see shiny & attractive things around them, they get distracted.

3) Fantasy

Life Coaching Fantasy

Many times our goals are just our fantasies. Fantasy is more of a mental process. We don’t actually want to live our fantasy. It is just that it inspire us to work for the actual process.

Someone might have a fantasy that she will give a lecture to world leaders on how to do a certain things. This doesn’t mean that her goal is to be public speaker to the world leaders.

Similarly, there are many small or big fantasies that we have in our mind. Such fantasies can give us a lot of motivation to do the actual work but living them may not be our actual goal. We may live our fantasy someday but that is not our prime goal.

How to remove my fantasies?

4) Don’t Understand The Process

Process Of Life Coaching IN USA

This is where you can take help of an expert, a mentor or a life coach. No matter what your goal is, it can be a health goal, fitness goal, career goal, money goal, spiritual goal or relationship goal, the fundamental process is the same. Now you may argue how can the processes of achieving a spiritual goal & a financial goal be the same? They both are different aspects and counter each other.

Nope, they are not different, they are one and the same thing. That is, playing out the pending karma. Now the question is either you can do it effortlessly without creating any new karmas or you can do it with too much struggle and with creating new karmas.

The reason you have a desire and you have created a goal is because you have a relation with that goal. It is you duty to achieve it in the most efficient way. Just because you are not aware of the scientific & spiritual process you fail to achieve your goal.

How to understand the process of achieving the goal?

  • This is a lifelong pursuit, you keep working on it.
  • Read books, articles, learn from masters, work with a life coach online, and keep learning.

5) Don’t Understand The Price

Premium Life Coaching

Every goal that we set comes with a price, a price in time, effort & energy. Most of us don’t understand how this pricing works. Therefore whenever you ask someone what is his desire he may say something superficial. He doesn’t understand the fact that his life will change upside-down if he achieves his desire.

For eg one may say she wants a Mercedes S class. But she doesn’t understand that just maintaining the car will take a major chunk of her salary.

Someone might say he wants to quit his job & start working as travel influencer. But he doesn’t understand that traveling may negatively influence his family life.

Now here the point is not that you don’t pursue your goal. The point here is first you understand what price your goal demands and then plan accordingly. An Authentic life coach in India will help you understand this process.

6) Do Not Prepare Yourself

Life Coaching Preparation

Even active cricketers have to prepare themselves for a match. Every athlete has a different diet, a different lifestyle, a different sleeping pattern. None of them eat a regular meal or live a regular lifestyle. They all prepare themselves for their purpose in life. This they do on daily basis.

What do you do?

What different do you do to become someone who deserves the goal you have set?

If you eat the common man food live the common man life, you will achieve only the common goals. If you want to do an exponential work in this life you will have to live an exponential lifestyle.

Why To Work With A Life Coach?

Life With LIfe Coach Sahil

Why do you go to a barber if you can use scissor & comb, because he knows the process well. He knows the art of grooming. Those who are aware about this fact invest in grooming & presentation. They look well & they keep well.

Understand this, when it comes to groom life many of us takes the scissor & comb in hand and just somehow manage. That is why the life looks gloomy.

Life coaching is a premium service. So, many people think about “how costly is life coaching?’ But this is the mistake they make. They focus on the money that is going out, they don’t focus upon the money & value that can come in life. A year with a life coach can bring tremendous progress in your life. However, there is one major ‘IF’. It will be possible only ‘If You Are Prepared’.

This is the reason why I don’t life coach everyone. I have a selection process, if that is cleared, we work forward.

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