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Are you in a relationship? Have you ever been in relationship? Do you look forward to get in a relationship? Are you struggling in your relationship? Have you lost that charm in your relationship? Or do you want to juice up your relationship?

If the answer to even one of the above questions is yes then this article is surely for you.

A strong & healthy relationship with your spouse is a boon in your Life. It helps a person face many ups & downs of life. Not only this, but it also makes the person capable enough to bring the best out of any situation in Life.

A person who has someone as a backup in any circumstance of life and who himself or herself is a backup for that person, can do, have or become anything he or she wishes.

Now, as simple & easy it sounds, maintaining a healthy & strong relationship is a fantasy for many of us. At times it may feel like a MARVEL movie, attractive but unrealistic.

Whatever you might feel, the fact is that being in a romantic & healthy relationship is a practical thing. Many people are already into it.

One might feel that such people are lucky or the person they are with is a special being. But the fact is that we all are lucky enough to have a special being in life. And we all are special enough to make someone lucky. All we have to do is work for it.

Understand that those who are living a wonderful couple life are consciously or unconsciously doing things that help their relationship grow stronger & fresher every day.

If you too invest your time & efforts then you can also make your relationship as fresh as day one. Remember those wonderful feelings that you had during your initial moments. Even today you can live it if you keep watering the plant called as relationship.

So here I Sahil Kumar Nagpal, Life Coach & Relationship Coach is brining you 9 essential points that can bring more romance, understanding and belongingness to your relationship.


First things first, give your 100% commitment. I cannot emphasize enough on how important this point is. It is like the foundation of any successful relationship.

Now it doesn’t matter what type of relationship you are in. You may be married, or engaged, in a committed relationship or an open relationship. You have to give commitment to each other.

If you are in a serious relationship or you are already married then you have to give a commitment to your partner that no matter what, you’ll stay together. All the ups & downs of life, you are in. And instead of this being a protocol it should be your vision and your intention to stay together for the rest of the relationship or life whichever ends first.

Now you may be in an open relationship or maybe you are not clear enough yet to spend the entire life with that person. Even then you have to give commitment, not necessarily like the married people give to each other. But you have to be 100% clear that as long as you are with the person you will keep your intensions honest for the relationship and give your full efforts to flourish your relationship.


You cannot love the person if you cannot fight with that person. It is a sure shot thing in a relationship. How a couple conducts a fight and how they take the fight determines how good their relationship is.

Any fight that is fierce and comes out of anger is like a poison. And just like poison if it is taken correctly it will make your relationship stronger and if taken wrongly it will weaken your relationship.

During fights especially when we get angry enough it is common to say mean & insulting things to each other. This hurts the couple physically, mentally & emotionally. When fight gets over, then everything is forgotten or it feels like we have forgotten.

But in reality whatever we have said to the other person remains in the deeper layers of the psyche and unconsciously affects our relationship. It is extremely important to undo what have been done during the anger.

In other words both of them need to apologize for the mean things they said to each other. They need to acknowledge that it is human nature to see things corruptly when one is angry. So whatever you or your spouse say to each other during angry fights mean nothing.

Make sure you neutralize every mean action you did or mean things you said to each other. Also be bold enough to forgive what your partner did to you, if he or she is admitting his or her mistake. And then work together to dissolve the patterns you both have that have lead you to get into the nasty fight. So that such pattern of saying mean things slowly disappear during fights.

By doing this in the long time your fights will get more clean and instead of damaging the relationship, it will make it much more stronger.One of the biggest mistakes that people do is that they believe that it is not their fault, it is their partner’s fault. With this mentality you are surely & steadily heading toward self destruction.

Don’t do it, even though it is not your fault. Make sure you at the least acknowledge your responsibility for your relationship.


Growth & healing are fundamentals of life. Wherever you see life, you see the process of growing & healing. When two persons come in each other’s life, they are not just persons. But they are students of life, victims of life, teachers of certain aspects of life, etc. They have some great experiences and some of them are very bitter. They might have overcome some bad memories and with some other memories they still might be struggling.

We grow, we learn and we heal. You get a cut in the skin, a crack in the bone or get sick, you always heal. You have a bad experience you learn. Most of the healing & learning process is done naturally. This is the fundamental of life. Now either you can hamper the healing process or you can facilitate it.

When a person comes into your life he or she comes with all the emotional wounds. And now they are not just their wounds, because they will also impact your life too.  There is nothing to be afraid of, because healing is a natural process and two people coming into each other’s life is a part of that process, as long you don’t hinder the process. So whatever you do, make sure you both are growing mentally, physically and emotionally stronger.

You can join a spiritual retreat, a yoga program, a classical art, a sport, an activity you have passion for, etc. If you both can join together it is great. If not then make sure you do it individually. You don’t have to do what your partner is doing. You can do whatever you like but it must be something that you like and it must help you grow & heal.

Because if one partner is growing but the other for some reason is not then he or she in many ways becomes a burden for the other person. This takes a toll on their relationship in long term.


This is seen in many cases that after a couple of years of marriage, people start taking each other for granted. This is highly counterproductive. Take out time for each other on daily basis or if your schedule is busy than on weekly basis.

And when I say for each other than it literally means you both. Don’t consider family time as couple time. When you & your spouse is alone there is a different type of chemistry.

You don’t have to do it like a job. You can enjoy something together. May be go out for a dinner, for a movie, for a long ride, or even to get a cup of coffee or tea. Where you can enjoy each other’s company and talk about your future life, you desires, goals, vision, etc.

Do it on a daily or weekly basis and see how you both build you relations strong & intense. If you observe closely around you, you will see that the couple who do this are enjoying their life and the couple who don’t emphasise this much are just surviving.


Just as much spending time is important, so is giving enough me time is also important. Too much of anything is deadly. Remember to take breaks from time to time.

Make sure that you give enough space to your partner so that he or she comes back to you much stronger. And make sure you yourself get your enough me time.


When I say groom, I say groom in all sense. But this doesn’t mean that you impose your likes & dislikes on your partner.

Share with the partner how you like to see him or her. Discuss what suits more, what looks average and what you highly dislike. This must be a healthy process, where you together are making each other look more beautiful.

Everybody has their own idea of beauty & ugly. What is beauty for someone may be ugly for someone else, and vice versa. But when you both manage to come to common terms where you both like each other, then your attraction toward each other increases naturally.

This process spices up your relationship & you feel more sensual love for each other.


Sex is one of the foundations of a strong & healthy relationship. For many people it is unbelievable that you can enjoy sex with the same person after couple of years. But this is because people don’t know the art of having sex.

You see, it is not only about quantity but also about quality. If you are doing the same thing with the same person in the same way at the same place at the same time and with same state of mind, then it is obvious you will lose interest in long run.

So you need to mix it up. You cannot obviously change the partner, even at time you might feel like. But you can change other things. You can explore new places or locations. You can even go for another honeymoon.

You can always explore new positions, new approaches and new ways of doing it. You can try doing it at different times. You can try it after a workout, a long drive, after a party, etc.

The point is that you have to be creative. Understand that this aspect is very important in any relationship. If you are not physically satisfied then it is taking toll on your relationship. But if you both are satisfied & contended then my dear friend 50% of challenges in life already are taken care of.


Be the best bud with your spouse. What you do with your best friend? Share your experiences, your visions, your opinions (for her at your own risk), your goals, your weaknesses (not necessarily all of them), etc. This will make your bond strong. This will give clarity on Life to both of you.


Everyone of us is good at some things. Even you and your spouse are good at many things. You can learn from your spouse and you can also teach or coach your spouse.

Just like a Life Coach in India or other parts of the world coaches his or her coache, you also coach each other in the areas you are good at.

For example your wife is very good at reading people and their intentions. You learn from her and you can take her advice before proceeding further in a business with a person you met recently. Or if your husband is good in communication, you can learn from him what not to speak and what to speak depending upon situations.


So these are the 9 Essential Tips For A Healthy & Romantic Relationship. Even if you manage to implement 5 tips, it will bring dramatic changes in your family life.

Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. And share this article with those who might need it.

To talk on specific problems or issues or goals of your life, you can contact me at your convenience. Take prior appointment.

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