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The moment we hear the word leader, what is the first thought that comes to our mind? Mostly it is of a person who everyone wants to follow.

We think of leaders as of someone who may be a political leader, a social activist, an entrepreneur or a spiritual leader.

But the fact is that each one of us plays a role of a leader, in one or the other way in life. For a family the head of the family is the leader. For a child his or her elder brother or sister can be a leader. For a group of students a teacher can be the leader. For employees in corporate world the manager or the corporate trainer can be the leader.  

It doesn’t matter what you do, you do play the role of a leader in one way or the other. Whether you play a good role or a bad role that is a different matter, but you do play a role of a leader. A leader is someone who leads or guides other people in some sectors of life.

But understand that there are only 4 types of leaders. And depending upon the people around them they either lead efficiently or they keep on struggling.

1) The Complainer Leader

The Complainer Leader | Leadership Development Program

He is the person who has the ability to see that there is something. Almost every one of us is capable to see that there is something wrong. This type of leader is able to complain about the things that are not happening the way they should happen.

For Example They Can Tell:.

  • There is not enough profit in the company.
  • Employees need serious soft skill training.
  • Leaders of the company need executive coaching.
  • House is always dirty.
  • There is no satisfaction among team members.
  • Dinner is never on time or not tasty enough.

Such people need more efficient leaders who can work with them. They need someone who can find problems and address them as well. If they are lucky enough to get such talented people they sustain or else they won’t.

Such leaders are mostly depended on other people. They are not efficient leaders.

They are better than those who are ignorant to notice pleasant or unpleasant things around. But in order to excel in life they sincerely need to work on themselves.

2) The Pointer Leader

The Pointer Leader | Executive Coaching

The pointers are those leaders who can exactly point out the problem. These types of leaders are a level up. They will see & show you what the problem is.

For Example They Can Tell:
  • That company is not getting enough marginal projects as per the capacity and so it is struggling to make profits.
  • Employee needs team building skills and communication skills.
  • Leaders need delegation skills and negotiation skills.
  • Things are not organized in house and dirt is coming from the outside.
  • There is no proper co-ordination among team members.
  • Cooking starts late & so dinner is late.

Such people are efficient enough to recognize problems in mostly all situations. Such people with proper team can do efficient work.

They are able to rectify the problem but they need serious expertise who can investigate the actual source and address them.

Mostly such leaders reach to the pinnacle of success with proper team. But if certain team members back out they also descend.

Such leaders can work efficiently as a critic. They can excel in a field where they themselves don’t have to do anything, just criticise on other people’s work and give them ratings.

If they work hard enough to see good & bad in all things they will be able to make a good critic.

3) The Investigator Leader

Investigator Leader | Business Coaching

These types of leader can find the exact source of the problem. Such leaders are very efficient. Understand that when a source of the problem is found then 50% of the job is done. Now it only needs to be executed.

For Example They Can Tell:

  • Marketing is not done on appropriate platforms to get good projects.
  • Competitor company is hiring corporate trainers in Vadodara from so & so company.
  • There 2 best executive coaches in Vadodara.
  • Family members do not understand the value of hygiene & neatness at home.
  • The person who cooks the food is so much tired of the daily work that he or she is not able to do it on time.

Such people need proper talent to address their issues. They don’t need someone with leadership qualities. Just someone with appropriate skills will be able to assist them and they’ll succeed. Such people can become

  • Good Consultants
  • Managers
  • HR executives
  • Outsourcers

4)The Executor Leader

Executive Leader | Executive Coach

Such leaders are of top most quality. They know their grounds. They are able to identify situations, look out the problems, identify the actual source and are capable enough to address it.

For Example They Can Tell:

  • There is a need to try out different marketing platforms & organizing efficient sales methods.
  • Let me organize a behaviour skills corporate training in Vadodara division.
  • Let me do an annual contract from the best executive coach in India.
  • There is a need to provide regular training and supervising the team from time to time.
  • There is a need to clean up house, organize things and motivating other members of the house to do so.
  • They need to start assisting with cooking process & cooking himself from time to time.

Such leaders can create more leaders. They are not dependent on anyone. Rather people who work with them get empowered in very short duration of time. Such leaders understand the qualities of all types of leaders. They can sense other people’s potential. They can sense other people’s & their own strength & weaknesses. Having a person like such in life is a great boon.

They are capable enough to not only become an optimum leader but also…

  • Great Teacher
  • Excellent Life Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Executive Coach

What type of leader are you?

The outer situation or the post that you have may require you to become one of the 4 types of leader. But understand this that depending upon your inner situation that is your capabilities you will either rise or fall from your post.

For example your external situation require you to become a pointer type of leader, but if you have the quality of a being an investigator type of leader then today or tomorrow when external situations around you will require the skills that you have, you will rise up to that position.

A whole lot of Corporate Training in India is being conducted on such topics of ownership by various corporate & executive coaches. So that leadership qualities can be brought out in employees. 

And the vice versa is also true. For example you have a role to play as a strong leader, like an executor type of leader. But you have the attitude of that of a complainer type of leader.  It won’t be long till you are de-promoted from your post. Or at the least your growth will become stagnant.

So we always have a choice. We can choose to keep complaining or we can choose to upgrade ourselves.

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