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The world population is around 7.9 billion. But we as human beings are divided into so many categories. We belong to different countries, race, religion, sex, culture, education, etc.

Depending upon various factors we can divide people into different categories. We can divide people into rightists, leftists, Marxist, empaths, narcists, spiritual, materialistic, intellectual, emotional, professional, casual, practical, visionary, etc. But when it comes to category of efficiency in life we can divide people into 3 categories.

As a life coach in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, I have learnt this that all of us oscillate between these 3 categories of personalities. The more we consciously decide to be the person the more our life will the one we want.


These are the people who are visionary, precautionary and active. By the time any threat or challenging situation comes into his or her life he or she is already prepared.

These are the people who see a storm coming from a distance, and get into action. They look for all their belongings and important things, keep them in a safe place.

By the time storm comes to the person, all the belongings of the person are safe, his family is safe and he himself is safe.

Be it some health related problem, some financial problem, an urgent situation, the person is already prepared. Loss in business, sudden transfer, losing a job, facing a health condition, the person is already prepared. He or she can easily handle the tough times because they are mentally & physically prepared.

Such people can survive in any type of environment. They flourish when the situations are favourable but even when situations get worse they can handle it easily and get something better out of it.


These are the people of average mentality. They always go wherever situation takes them, not where they want to go.

These are the people who never see the storm coming. Even if they see storm at a distance they don’t do anything about it. They only start acting when the storm impacts. Then in sudden urgency they start acting. Try to savage whatever they can and everything else is lost in the storm.

May be it is because sometime people don’t understand the gravity of situations. Sometimes they cannot think about the various possibilities, positive & negative.

These are the people who make progress when the environment is suitable for them. But as soon as situation changes and becomes a little more challenging, they start losing their cool. Such people are not trained enough to manage themselves under pressure.

Donald Trump gives special emphasis on handling pressure. In one of his interview he says, that in his experience the people who can handle under pressure are the ones who go the long way.


These are the people who are actually below average. These are actually the people who really need someone to look after.

They need someone to keep a check on their expenses. They need someone to look after their food habits. They need someone to look after the work they do.

Such people see the storm coming from a distance. The storm comes destroys everything and goes away. Then they get into action. Start looking, if there is something left behind.

Such people are strongly self destructive. As long as other people (friends, family, well-wishers) are there to look after their habits, they survive. But soon when the situation arises and they have to get on their own, they sabotage their life almost instantly.

People who gamble, who drink a lot, who are addicted, who are extremely stubborn, who always lie, etc all comes into this category.


In general you will find most of the people coming into the category of ADDHAM that is average. People who are of UTTAM or optimum category are the ones who are mostly successful in various sectors of life. People who are of ADDHAM category are always at risk.
Whichever type of you is will determine the quality of your life. But always remember that it is your choice. You can consciously choose to be in UTTAM category or you can simply be reactive to various pleasures of life.

You can choose to go blindly behind the glitter and shimmers of society. Or you can choose to learn the how life functions from a Life Coach and grow exponentially in all the sectors of life.

What you choose, will determine your life.

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