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Any spiritual experience is possible only after opening up of certain nadis. Nadis can be opened up by doing intense practices. Intense practices are part of Hatha Yoga.

Our body is the base of life. How we keep our body determines how we keep our emotional and mental state. It further determines what we experience in our life.

In ancient sciences of Yoga, Tantra & Hatha Vidya body is given utmost importance. Not how the body looks but how we keep it on the inside. According to ancient sciences our body is made of various Nadis (energy channels). Through these Nadis flows the primordial force called Prana (energy).

In my sessions of online yoga sessions of Yoga Vidya we not only practice various breathing techniques and asanas but we also teach various aspects of spiritual sciences.


Nadis literally means river. It is not exactly a physical thing but an experiential thing. In simple language, blood flowing through our veins, neurons (electric signals) flowing through our nerves and hormones releasing in our body can all be experienced as flow of Prana in our body.

Prana literally means life. How it flows through various parts of our body not only determine our physical health but it also determines our mental experiences.

Whatever spiritual experiences people have had in past or during current times are all because Prana flows through a certain Nadi in their body, either for short time or for long time. Different nadis can make a person experience different Samadhi.


According to certain shastras like Shiv Samhita there are 3,50,000 nadis and according to Hatha Yoga Pradipka there are 72,000 nadis in human body. However there are 10 major nadis in our body. Out of which 3 are very important and they all go through center line of our body.

They are Ida, Pingala & Sushumna, also known as Shashi, Mihir & Vahni respectively. They go from the base of our spine to top of our head.

The Mahaprana called as kundalini that rests in the base of the spine travels through either of these nadis. In general this primordial force is dormant in most human beings. When one do intense yoga practices one can activate this energy and make it rise to the top of our head. As it travels to the top of the head, it moves through various levels that are called as chakras. When kundalini reaches to different chakras it unleashes various powers that were dormant in different chakras.

However most people don’t know this that in many cases this primordial force awakes without doing any yoga practices. Many times this Mahaprana known as kundalini wakes up when someone is doing some intense physical activity like playing sports. It may also wake up while tracking in a jungle or while swimming in a river. It may also wake up when one is fasting. It may also wake up when one gets up during early hours. It may also wake up when you are having an intense moment, positive or negative. It may wake up when you are with friends or when you are absolutely alone. It definitely wakes up when you are at certain powerful places.

But the most important question here is, “Through which nadi it rises?” If the kundalini rises from Ida one may get to much emotional. One many experience too much mood swings. If it rises through Pingala, one may get too much enthusiastic and overly energetic.

Both the nadis are not suitable for having different spiritual experiences. But if the Kundalini rises through center nadi that is Sushumna then one may start experiencing various spiritual experiences.

Different people like Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Osho Rajneesh, etc. all had their spiritual experiences because of rising of the Kundalini in Sushumna nadi or other nadis situated within it.

One may experience something spiritual either by just siting, one may experience by just thinking, one may even experience it in dream state or one may experience it deliberately while doing hatha yoga practices, it is all because of raising the kundalini in one of the nadis of Sushumna.


There 3 more nadis situated in Sushumna. They are Vajra, Chitri/Chitra and Brahma nadi. One may access these nadis by slowing down ones breath after opening up all the nadis of the body.

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