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What is the difference between an ALPHA BETA & SIGMA male/female?

A society is made of different types of people. In any social structure there are different roles and role players. We all play our roles depending upon our responsibility in different situations.

When we are at home with our family we play the role of a family member. When we are at office we play the role of an employee. When we are with friends we play the role of a friend.

How efficiently we play the role is a different matter. But we all play different roles in different situations. However, all of us have certain qualities within us. Some of us have the qualities of a good leader. Some of us have the qualities of a good follower. Some of us are introverts. Some of us are extroverts.

Depending upon the role we play and the qualities we have we all are divided majorly into 6 categories, Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, Omega and Sigma. But in this article we will cover just three categories of social hierarchy, which is alpha, beta and sigma.

It is necessary to understand that whether it is about corporate structure or family or friend circle, the social science is always at play. In all the life coaching sessions understanding your roles in different situations is of utmost importance. Even when I give corporate behavior skills or softskills training in Vadodara, or elsewhere, I make sure to understand what type of audience I am dealing with.

Knowing who you are, what your role is and who you are dealing with helps a lot in navigating different scenarios of life in corporate and even at home or with friends. So let us understand…

What is Beta Male or Female?

A beta male or female in general is in assistance of authoritative bodies. A beta can also be considered as a follower. In general a beta strives to become a leader but lacks the courage to do so. He or she may have skills to become a leader but they always fear on the inside. They have this inbuilt strong tendency of the thought, ‘What if I fail?’ or ‘What people will think of me?’

So what best they can do is assist an Alpha male or female. Generally they work for the alpha. This way they get to use their skills and are also protected by the alpha. They themselves are the leaders of their own terrain. All they have to do is just follow one alpha, one leader.

What is Alpha Male or Female?

It is generally believed that alphas are those who are extremely successful and highly dominant. But if you carefully observe then you will find that most of the so called successful people are simply following an alpha. They grow under the shade of an alpha or a sigma male.

In zoological studies an alpha male or female is considered as a member of group who leads other members. An alpha is generally the most dominant individual in the group. It is generally noted that an alpha by default wants to lead. An alpha may or may not have the necessary leadership skills but he or she will have the urge to lead.

So, generally most of the alphas with no leadership qualities eventually learn less or more skills to lead, depending upon their learning capabilities. However in some cases the alpha, if doesn’t learn and evolves is rejected by the herd. Slowly the rejected alpha will be pushed down to the social hierarchy.

The alpha that have the urge to lead and also the willingness to learn new skills are considered to be the most efficient leaders.

What is a Sigma Male or Female?

A Sigma is the ultimate of all social hierarchies. Each and every individual on the cellular level strives to be a Sigma Male. Whether one is conscious about it or not is a different matter, but we all strive to be the ultimate, and that is the Sigma.

A sigma is someone who has at the least for once played the role of an alpha male, beta male, theta male, delta male and as well as omega male. He or she knows the entire system, the entire social structure.

An alpha also knows the social structure but not like a Sigma. An alpha only learns about the system with the intention of leading it, even if it is led to disaster. But a Sigma will learn the system with the intention of keeping the social structure up and running. Intention of a Sigma male is to keep the system growing, flourishing and in harmony with the environment. A sigma in general is untouched by any ups and downs of life. He or she is emotionally stable, even in the toughest situations. 

A sigma male has been an omega male, beta male and alpha male. So a sigma knows what it feels to be like a leader, a follower and a poor performer. A sigma understands the needs of each and every individual in the social structure.

Generally, a sigma will generate a social structure and will let the system run by itself. He or she will always stay out of the hierarchy and observe. Only when there is a need to interfere the sigma will step into the hierarchy and will play the necessary role.


It may seem that being an alpha or a sigma is a great thing. But on practical grounds no one is permanently an alpha, beta or a sigma. Mostly we all play such roles in different circumstances. However any one of the trait dominate all of us.

There is nothing wrong in being a beta or a delta or an omega. Every social member has an important role toward the society. All we have to do is recognize our true trait and keep on growing at our own pace.

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