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How many times do you think about excelling in your career? How many times do you think about the life that you want to live, the career you want to pursue, the skills that you want to learn and the amount of money you want to earn? We all have a desire to grow in our career and for that we need to learn constantly don’t we?

Whether we need to learn about our business or any new additional skill but we do need to learn & evolve constantly. Entrepreneurs & athletes all over the world are using various methods like the zone, the flow & the visualization to attract their dream life.

But do you know that all this methods come from a very ancient Indian Way Of Learning? Yes India for thousands of years have been a centre for growth in the field of trade, art, politics, martial arts & spirituality. And this growth was possible because of this Indian Way Of Learning. I share may such methods in many of my corporate training in Vadodara, Gujarat & India.

By using this method you yourself can also excel in your field exponentially. You can become an expert of your field and then master and then grand master of your field. Once a person become an expert of his or her field his or her financial growth is inevitable.

So in this article I Sahil Kumar Nagpal, Author, Researcher and Life & Wellness Coach will share with you this Indian Way Of Learning. So let us have a look at it.


There are basically 3 levels or 3 stages of learning. They are

  1. Shravan
  2. Manan
  3. Nidhidhyasana

In simple meaning it can be said

  1. Grab
  2. Process
  3. Transcend

In first state we intake the information through our senses, by listening and by seeing. In second stage we process that information by brain storming on the information. In the third stage we meditate on the information, technique or the process that we learnt.


Let us try to understand this by an example. Let say you want to learn a new shot in the sport of tennis.


So in this stage you will first learn the shot from a coach or a senior. You don’t try to understand the entire shot in the stage but in a way you learn how to execute it. In this stage your technique is still weak.


In this stage you process the shot mentally as well as physically. So what you do is that you brain storm on ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ & ‘then”. You try to explore where these shots are workable. You try to figure out on which type of opponent you need to take such shots, on which type of attacks you need to take this shot and other such possibilities.

This process is done both practically by practicing and also mentally by thinking on it. First you practice and then think on it, you practice and then think on it. Slowly your technique will become strong.

There is a process called as FOLLOW THROUGH in riffle shooting. In this process after taking the shot you close your eyes for a second and then try to think what mistake you made during the shot or what improvement can make next time. This process too is in a way a part of Manan.


In this stage you try to visualize the entire process. There is a difference between imagining and visualizing. Initially in this process most of the people imagine, but slowly with practice it gets converted into visualization.

Slowly you’ll get to the point where the entire technique will replay like a movie. You will be able see the entire technique even in your dreams. When this stage comes understand that you have become an expert in that technique.

Most of the entrepreneurs and athletes all over the world use the process of visualization in order to excel in their field. In any field there are ‘n’ numbers of people but only some master the field. The difference between a mediocre and a master is just this that a mediocre will complete the stage 1 but an expert will complete all the three stages. Matter of fact is that an expert will constantly learn through all the 3 stages.


Not only this technique is usable in physical forms but you can also use this way of learning to learn philosophical concepts or learning about a system or a mental process. You just have to follow the three stages. First grab the information with active listening and witnessing, then process the information by wondering about all the possibilities and at the end meditating on the information in a way that the entire process runs in your mind like a film on tv.

So this was the Indian Way Of Learning. The three stages are:

  • Shravan – Grab
  • Manan – Process
  • Niddhidyasana – Transcend

So next time whatever it is that you learn, try to follow these 3 stage and see what difference it brings. You can literally become

  • An Expert
  • A Master
  • A Grand Master

by learning through this Indian Way. Hope this article was useful to you. If it is do let me know by commenting below. Also share it with those who may need it.

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