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People who are early risers are mostly people who lead a happy, successful and contended life. It may not be always the case but in general the habit of getting up early can impact many areas of life quiet productively.

Getting up early before sunrise or around sunrise keeps you fresh, focused, fit, energetic & enthusiastic throughout the day. It augments the quality in different sectors of life like career, health, relationship & spirituality. These are 4 pillars in Life & Wellness Coaching especially in India. You may already know all this but the question now is that How to do it? You may have tried this many times but you failed.

You may have got success in getting up early but it was only for a few months or weeks, and then again you fall back to your old schedule. So in this article we are going to cover 5 major reasons or you can say 5 major obstacles that are luring you into hitting that snooze button instead of getting up.

1) Too Much Early

Ask yourself this question and then answer really honestly. Are you setting your alarm without maintaining the gap of at the least 6-7 hours before you go to sleep. If yes then you are expecting a little too high from your body.

Many of us have this tendency that when we don’t care about our lifestyle we literally don’t think about what we are doing. And then when we decide to change our lifestyle we set the bar so high that it is quiet difficult to achieve it right away.

Understand that when your body is adjusted to 8 to 9 hours of sleep, if you immediately deduct 2-3 hours from the quota of sleep then your body will revolt. If you want your body to listen to you, you need to listen your body and it probably says “Move Slowly & Steadily”.

How to address it?

So don’t be greedy, set the alarm time that suits you and covers at least 6-7 hours of sound sleep.

2) Low Physical Activity

The logic says that if there is high physical activity there should be high rest. And if there is low activity there should be low rest. To be honest it is true. But in many cases the person is having too less physical activity but too high hormonal activity. What it means is that the body is not working physically but the hormonal release is of that of a high physical activity, that is excessive hormones.

These excessive hormones released within the body are not utilized and are stored within the body creating a lot of stress. Stress causes friction. Because of this friction the repairing work of the body becomes quiet challenging. And so it takes longer time to repair which means long sleeping hours.

How to address it?

Utilize those excessive hormones. Do a little physical workout. You don’t have to perform like an athlete, just a mild walk in the garden will do. Now you may argue, that is why I am trying to get up early, to do a little workout. Don’t wait for you getting up early. Start an evening walk or start climbing stairs.

3) Over Indulgence

One of the major discomforts and problems of life is over indulgence. It is for reason gluttony considered as one of the seven deadly sins. Digestion itself is process that requires a lot of work from the body. When you over eat then your body also is burdened with the over work which is not required. And so it requires more rest. And so your body demands for more than necessary sleep. And so you cannot get up early.

How to address it?

Eat ¾ of your stomach capacity if you eat 3 meals a day. If you eat 2 meals a day eat a bite or two less than your stomach capacity.

4) Not Getting Fresh Air

The more oxygenated your body is the more it is works smoothly and effortlessly. The less oxygenated your body is the more excessive effort body has to put in every internal and or external action.

If you have a lifestyle where you have to constantly sit in a closed environment then you will be more deprived from fresh air and oxygen. And that is why you always feel lethargic. And so you need more than necessary sleep. And so you are not able to get up early in the morning.

How to address it?

Expose yourself in fresh air. An evening walk in the garden or once a week a track into the forest will refresh your body completely.

5) Sleeping Right After Dinner

It is also one of the major reasons that people need more than necessary sleep. Many of us sleep right away after having dinner or may an hour later. The sleep might feel very sound but in the long run it will take a big toll on your system. Like I mentioned before digestion itself is a process that requires a lot of work. Sleep is also a process in which body repairs itself. And it is also a process that requires a lot of work.

When you sleep right after dinner then your body is overloaded by two different processes. And so it takes more time to digest the food and more time to repair the body. And this is why you sleep more than necessary. And this is why you cannot get up early in the morning.

How to address it?

Maintain at the least 3-4 hours of gap between sleep & dinner. Go for a mild walk 30 min after taking dinner.

Take Away

So if you address these 5 major reasons then it will become a lot easier for your body to get up early in the morning. Once your body gets up early everyday at least for a week, then it will adjust smoothly to your new routine.

  1. Keep the alarm after 6 hours from the time you go to sleep.
  2. Try to walk at the least 5000 – 10,000 steps a day or ½ hour of mild workout.
  3. Eat moderately.
  4. Get to a nearby garden, lake or forest.
  5. Maintain 4 hours of gap between dinner & sleep.

Take these 5 steps consistently for one week. And then see how you are able to get up early in the morning.

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