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Life The Way You Design Part 2 The Method


It is part 2 of Life The Way You Design, however both the parts are independent of each other. One does not need to read the other in order to read one. This book explains the primordial force called desire that is behind every creation. It explains how our own mind blocks our progress and how to take charge of it. The book explains the exact technical process of accomplishing one’s desire. Book also covers some basics of karma. The book explains the ancient wisdom of conscious process of life making with modern day perspective. With relatable examples one gets a different perspective of one’s life. And the practices mentioned in each chapter empower the person to consciously accomplish one’s authentic desire. The book will help you find your true purpose in life.


This book explains in great detail that how the beginning of everything is desire. It explains how we can create our life through power of desire. But most importantly books explains how our mind itself creates obstacles in the form of Anti-Desires, Counter-Desires, Illusive-Desires and Attachements.

The book explains how mother nature works in terms of creation. It explains how time plays an important role in creating what we want in life. It also explains the role of environment we are born in.

Lastly the book explains the importance and function of the daily actions.


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