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Life Coaching Is About Taking Charge Of Your Life By Taking Charge Of Your Daily Habits & Everyday Action

Self Development Workshop By Life Coach Sahil

We conduct various workshops on self-development. Must check.

Online Yoga Vidya Classes By Sahil Kumar Nagpal

In Yoga Vidya classes we practice the traditional style of hatha yoga. In simple words we learn to take charge of body by practicing various Yogasanas, one’s energies by practicing pranayama and one’s mind by practicing various types of meditations.

Sahil Kumar Nagpal | Executive Coaching In India, Vadodara

Executive Coaching is a transformational training module designed for people on leadership level. People who are in Human Resource, Training & Development, Corporate Consulting uptake executive coaching in India.

Corporate Soft skills training by Sahil Kumar Nagpal

We Provide Corporate Training & Executive Coaching To Reliance, G.A.C.L., Power Grid, Aditya Birla, Shell, Inox & Other Companies.

Martial Arts Training By Sahil Kumar Nagpal

Martial Arts Training in Vadodara. We practice traditional karate, freestyle kickboxing and indian martial art Sanatan Shastar Vidya.