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Life The Way You Design Part 1 The Designer


This book is an amalgamation of modern sciences of physiology & psychology and ancient sciences of tantra & vedanta. It teaches the reader how he/she is practically in-charge of his/her life and how to technically take control of his/her life. The book covers 9 chapters with practices mentioned at the end of each chapter. The book explains in a practical & scientific way that just by understanding the functions of the mind, prana (energy) and body, one can take precise control of his/her life and become whatever he/she wants. No one has ever provided such a practical and scientific explanation of how life works.


Almost every one of us in some way wants to take control of his/her life but how one can drive to his destination if he doesn’t know driving and the road to the destination. This book is part 1 which covers the science, logic and method of taking control of life by taking control of mind, prana (energy) and body. The functioning of the mind, energies and body influences the flow of our life. If one can understand the functioning of body, mind and energies one can take control of life consciously. This book simplifies the complexities of life and gives a glimpse of the practical possibilities of leading a life one wants to. This book is an amalgamation of modern psychological sciences and ancient spiritual sciences backed up by real life examples, scientific studies and situations with which the reader can relate. The science of how life works and the practices mentioned in the book can make a genuine enquirer an adept of life.


“While everyone is in a hurry to reach the unseen future, Sahil’s book comes as a reminder to dig into the already embedded indigenous wisdom within us. This is essential to us because a future without a firm rooting to who we are, almost never really feels holistic. When an Author endorses taking charge of our own life, it definitely causes a ripple effect in the collective too. Simple methods that are tried and tested sure make one expect more from Sahil.”

Neethu Shetty (Actress)


“This book is about the science of how life works. It is a combination of physiology and psychology. It goes on to explore the ancient sciences of Tantra and Vedanta teaching one how to shape and design their own life. It goes on to teach about the connection between the mind and the body and their connection to life and healthy living. The 9 chapter text contains each of the numerous life elements and how each one of them has its own importance and value addition effect when applied in real life.

It explores the meaning of life and how there are different individual perspectives to explain and account for each part of life. It goes on to display how one’s mind is key and crucial towards shaping the kind of life one lives and the kind of future one gets to create. Through this book the writer also explains the need to understand and employ real practical ways of living life and the science behind the mind, one’s energy (prana) and body. For anyone who needs to understand this concept, the book also outlines real examples and  numerous experiences of people who would have gone through similar life changing events. Another key aspect reflected through this text is in regards to the need of creating a balance in the various areas of life associated with different individuals, and once this balance is achieved, the reality of life is made apparent. The content of the book can turn out to be life changing once understood in an appropriate manner, it holds the depth of knowledge which is associated with tantra & vedanta which explain the functioning of the Brahmana (universe) and Panda (body & mind).

The book explains the functions of four parts of the mind, Manas, Buddhi, Ahankara and Chitta. In addition to the parts, the book also goes on to explore the numerous states which include Nirudha, Ekagara, Kshipta, Vikshipta and Muddha. It goes to portray the significant role of yoga asanas and how they help keep our mind in a peaceful state. The asanas also help and assist people in the development of their numerous personalities as well as the effective construction of character. The book also teaches us the importance of staying healthy mentally as well as physically.

I believe from reading this book, people will get to know and understand their numerous states of mind and state of being, drawing them closer to conscious awareness and conscious understanding. It also gives clarity on some of the ancient practices which I believe have much relevance even in these modern times. I would definitely recommend this book and I am sure it will definitely help you in learning what life is, how our minds work together with our bodies to bring us into the fullness of life.”

Dr Devanshu Patel (President – Parul University)


“This book is best example of simple living with the best understanding of life in simple words, Absolutely Inspiring.”
Bhoomi Trivedi (Singer)


“Life the way you design” is a Beautiful book , it’s about finding your purpose is the first important step in living a life. how to control our mind in tuff times and most important it helps to develop a positive attitude and motivate a person to live a stress free life . I will recommend this book to everyone of all age . I appreciate MR Sahil Kumar Nagpal that he went into so deep and wrote this book to solve the problem of today’s world.

Kinnary Pillai (Chief Manager – Muthoot Microfin)


“Really appreciate that Sahil took the pain and effort to author this book “Life the way you Design”, it is in itself a pièce de resistance.

In our daily life many of us forget how precious, valuable life is. A must read for children, teenagers, adults for sure. I could connect an analogy to it of when a very rich guy asked a now retired young soldier – what if i give you 10 million dollars and say u can’t wake up tomorrow morning, will u take it, the solider says if I can’t wake up tomorrow i won’t take the 10 million dollars. So the guy asked the solider – why would u complain about life so much if life in itself was worth more than 10 million dollars that u just refused. This book by Sahil helps us with the perspective of treating life responsibly. Wonder read !”

APR Rao (President – RSA Global)




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