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bhumika dave

There is a proverb “Guru bina gyan nhi” and it’s true. I watched many videos but all was in vain. Then I did wellness sessions with Sahil Sir and I’d like to say that he is very humble and nice teacher. He guided me a diet plan which was suitable according to my lifestyle. Also …

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anuja karkare

I have taken life coaching sessions from Mr Sahil Nagpal for three months. It was indeed a life-changing experience. He gave me deep insights about core values of spirituality. His method of teaching is very easy to understand and follow. The customized session have brought a drastic change in my beliefs and my way of …

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jayesh warude

Initially, it was hard to sit in meditation but then after doing it for a certain period, I used to feel different during different times of day. As I continued the practice given by Sahil, my experiences became more intense, I could feel power within me. I used to have different experiences during meditations. Also, …

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kanan joshi

Being a Maths tutor, it was quite challenging for me to deal with my neck pain, until Sahil mentioned about MARMA CHIKITSA. Without a doubt, I agreed to take the sessions and my pain was miraculously healed. From that day, I have never experienced that pain again, though I teach 2-3 hours daily.