3 Nutritious & Healthy Foods to Eat Everyday

healthy foods to eat everyday

Food is the fundamental fuel for our body. The type of fuel we use determines the life, functionality, and output of the machine. Similarly, the type of food we eat determines our span of life, quality of life, and productivity of our works. You must know about the healthy foods to eat everyday in India or the list of nutritious foods to have daily in your meal.

Our food must be based on our lifestyle. For an athlete, diet is different, for a business person diet is different, for a kid diet is different. But there are certain food items that are important for everyone irrespective of what we do.

Three such food categories are that are extremely important for everyone and must be included on daily basis are fruits, greens/salads, and nuts. Let’s have a look at why are these categories important and why they should be included on daily basis.

List of Healthy Foods to Eat Everyday

Here are three foods you should eat daily for a healthy lifestyle. 

1. Fruits

Fruits are a very primitive source of energy for humans. Not only do fruits taste sweet and good but are also very nutritious. Recent research has shown that daily fruit intake can drastically reduce the risk of cancer. 

Not only that but eating fruit can make us feel full and thereby saves us from the risk of overeating which is the major obstacle for many of us in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Fruits are mostly 80% water and as our body is also 70-80% water, it suits our body in the best possible way. 

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Most of the fruits being alkaline are like a boon for people suffering from acidity. If one suffering from acidity makes his/her diet more than 50% of fruits, he/she can get rid of acidity problems in almost 2-4 weeks. Mostly all fruits have a good amount of fiber which is extremely important for digestion and excretion. 

healthy foods to eat everyday

Many fruits like pears, apple, grapes, chikoo (sapodilla), banana, strawberries, and coconut are rich in vitamins like vitamin A, C, E and minerals and electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium. 

Being rich in phytochemical fruits is very much beneficial for us. The nature of fruits is such that they reduce the risk of many lifestyle-related problems like cholesterol, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, cardiac problems, and many more. Nutrition-wise nothing can beat fruits.

Modern doctors recommend that we must eat different colors of fruits on a daily basis as it will cover a variety of nutritional quotas required for our body. This is why fruits are essential and is one of the primary healthy foods to eat everyday. 

However, there is a concept of seasonal eating developed by rishis, munis, and yogis, who were scientists of Ancient India. 

Know the Importance of Seasonal Eating

Seasonal eating means eating fruits and vegetables at the time of the year when they are ripe, not eating food items that are stored and preserved or created in a controlled environment, or exported from some other terrain. 

Seasonal eating is important for our body as with the change of environment nature gives various fruits and vegetables which are suitable for the living organisms that live in the vicinity and can survive that change. 

In that sense, seasonal eating gives us the exact nutrition and quality of fuel that is required to work at best in that particular environment and season. This doesn’t mean that we should completely avoid other fruits but what we can do is that we can have such food items lesser compared to seasonal ones.

Fruits are best when eaten alone and early in the morning, however, if we choose to eat with regular meals, we must first consume fruit and then rest of the meal, as it increases the appetite, side by side it makes us feel satisfied and full, thereby making us eat at a moderate level.

2. Greens/Salads

You must be remembering your mom screaming to finish all the vegetables. Almost every one of us used to run from green vegetables when we were young. But as we grow up we learn how much greens are beneficial for us. 

But one thing that many of us don’t know is that fresh vegetables and salads bring water in the mouth of healthy and fit. It must be hard to believe but it is the truth. Greens and salads are considered the best food for humans in various terms.

healthy foods to eat everyday at home

Green Vegetables to Eat Daily

Anyways green vegetables like spinach, ladyfinger, cabbage, gourd, cucumber are great for our eyes, bones, skin, hair, teeth, eyes, etc. 

Spinach is rich in calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin A gives benefits like making our bones stronger, keeping and maintaining our eyes’ sight sharper, boosting hemoglobin, eliminating fatigue, increasing red blood cells, strengthening our immune system, and many more. Hence, you must include green vegetables in your list of healthy foods to eat every day at home. 

Do you remember Popeye – The Sailor, how he gets his strength from spinach. This is why it is so important to include greens in your everyday diet.  Bottle gourd juice is very good during summer times as it brings down body heat, it also helps in controlling diabetes and blood pressure. 

popeye eating spinach

Bitter gourd is extremely good for the pancreas and thereby it is ram ban in diabetes. Coriander juice is extremely good for people having acidity or pitta. Having it early in the morning empty stomach makes your liver healthy and strong. Drum stick juice or powder is considered a natural steroid. It is good for our bones and for our glandular functions as well. Update your healthy foods list today by including some green veggies. 

3. Nuts & Dry Fruits 

Most people get confused between nuts and dry fruits. Nuts like almond, cashew nuts are actually nuts and not dry fruits. 

Dry fruits are the fruits that are dried and processed and then are infused with sweeteners and nuts are actually seeds of fruit and are found generally in a nutshell. Mostly all dry fruits are processed by sugar syrup but yet they are exceptionally beneficial for us. But let us talk about nuts, a nut is fundamentally a seed. 

A seed comprises the power to get transformed into a tree, in that sense a seed provides tremendous energy to us. Nutrition-wise it is so rich that one can go years on only nuts with adjusting lifestyle in a particular way. You must have some dry fruits in your list of nutritious foods to eat every day at home. 

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Importance of dry fruits and nuts

In India, many yogis live only on nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Yogis in order to go deeper in meditation have to prepare their body in a particular way and such a diet helps them do that. 

Many vegetarian Indian athletes like Sushil Kumar get most of their protein sources from nuts. Almonds are rich in riboflavin which is good for growth and overall health and helps break down carbohydrates, fats, and protein. 

healthy foods to eat everyday

Almonds contain good quality amino acids, fiber, Vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium. Nuts are a great source of nutrition but are also high in monounsaturated fats which are not considered good for the heart, so they must be consumed in moderate amounts, and make sure that you smartly mix these into your diet. So, these are the top three healthy foods to eat everyday at home for an optimum lifestyle. 

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