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why life coaching is necessary

The general understanding about life coaching is that those who are weak seek help. Some people believe that there is no need for a life coach in India.

People consciously or subconsciously think that they will do it themselves, the problems they have in their life or the goals they want to achieve, all of it they will do by themselves. They don’t need any damn coach to achieve their goals, they’ll do it themselves. 

It is like saying I’ll learn cricket by myself and will win the world cup. It is so funny and stupid; I know it because a decade ago I would think the same.

People don’t go to the gym because they are weak; they do it to get more strength, health & fitness. They don’t take any skill learning courses because they are uneducated; they do it because they want to upgrade themselves in terms of knowledge and experience. 

They want a better version of themselves. Similarly people who undertake life coaching are those who want to get the best version or we can say the latest version out of them. 

Life coaching services in Ahemadabad and India are the process of making a superhuman out of a human.

LIFE COACHING is Updating to Our Optimum Version.

meaning of life coaching

Achieve TRUE HUMAN potential and cerebral capacity with

Proven Life Coaching Programs in India

Human beings have been able to use only 10% of their true cerebral capacity and it is observed that many of us don’t even use that properly. – Research

As an individual, our energies and focus are predominantly distorted and so all our actions are not very fruitful.

However, whenever we focus our energies in one direction our actions become precise and results are mostly favorable. It’s like flowing water, when it is concentrated it can also cut metal. A certified life coach in India helps you achieve that. 

According to various researches the output of our actions is determined by many factors but the major factors are the type of actions we take, the timing of our actions and the situation we are in. All these factors are influenced by our thought process or we can say the functioning of our mind. Functioning and the state of our mind are determined by the state we keep our body and energies in.

“The man who has control over his own mind assuredly will have control over every other mind. That is why purity and morality have been always the object of religion; a pure, moral man has control of himself. He who knows and controls his own mind knows the secret of every mind and has power over every mind.”

Swami Vivekananda

Whole research and study have been done by many self explorers & scientists of past and modern experiments & tests have proved the efficacy of such studies. Now we have various methods, techniques, and knowledge of lifestyle that can boost our productivity dramatically depending upon how quickly we adapt to it.

The results of the work we do whether in professional life or personal life fundamentally are determined by these three things, INPUT (perception), PROCESSING (thinking) and OUTPUT (actions).

Life Coaching Programs, whether it is about an individual, couple, family or an organization, whether it is about solving problems, resolving conflicts or achieving goals, is all about understanding the phenomenal functioning of life and being in sync with it.

It is about realizing one’s role in creating our reality and then taking a conscious charge of the role. With the guidance from the best life coach in India, you can realize your role effectively.

Ways of Coaching by Best Life Coach in India

Featured among the top life coaches in India, as well as a health and wellness coach, Sahil Kumar Nagpal offers the following types of coaching. 

personal life coaching in india

One to One Coaching (Personal Coaching)

One to one life coaching is the process of making a superhuman out of a normal human. It is about upgrading yourself for yourself through yourself. 

What this process does to you is that it:

  1. sharpens your intellect 
  2. enhance your skills 
  3. increases clarity in life 
  4. makes you understand your true desires
  5. understand your true potential 
  6. learn the functioning of life 
  7. method of using law of attraction 
  8. helps you set your realistic goals
  9. assist in the process of achieving the goals.

Couple Coaching in India

“48% of marriages are ending up in divorce.”- Survey

But this is not the exact problem in our life or in our society as a whole; the problem is FAILURE, failure in marriage and or failure in divorce.

If you look at it closely you’ll realize that continuing the marriage or taking divorce is an option but when you have to forcefully choose an option then it becomes a painful process. Whether you get a divorce or you continue your marriage it must be a conscious decision and the process should be conflict free and pleasurable. 

Couple coaching or relationship coaching is about:

  1. understanding yourself
  2. your partner 
  3. your relationship
  4. understanding your desires 
  5. your individual goals 
  6. your partner’s goals
  7. your common goals
  8. your limitation 
  9. setting your boundaries
  10. process of working together
  11. balance of space and company
relationship coach in india
family coaching in india

Family Coaching

A family that learns together, practices together flourishes exponentially together.

For a child family is his or her primary school of life, for a teenager it is primary club where he or she wishes to share all his or her feats, endeavours and challenges, for an enthusiastic young guy or girl, it is a place where he or she finds solace in his or her hustle of career, for a senior citizen it is a place where he or she will gracefully witness and guide occasionally.

A strong family bond is a shield during the toughest times of life and a sword during the period of hustle in life. 

Family coaching:

  1. makes the bond stronger
  2. understand other member’s perspective
  3. overcome existing conflicts
  4. empowers for future challenges
  5. brings discipline in lifestyle

Entrepreneurial Business Coaching

Entrepreneurial coaching or Organizational Coaching is designed to make an organization function at its optimum. Small or medium scale industries, IT companies, chain businesses or any other organizations that include small to medium size teams can take benefit of this training in order to improve the quality of the output of their organization and also improve their professional life and personal life.

It reduces stress and thereby boosts productivity at individual, team and company level. 

Entrepreneurial business coaching in India makes sure that:

  1. You and your team stay on same page
  2. You and your team stay focused on the bigger goal
  3. Track your progress as an individual, team, and company
  4. The company is meeting the demand of the market
  5. Rectifying possible conflicts among team 
  6. Gives a WHY to work in the company to every member 
  7. Realize what major impact are you are bringing is a society by doing your best
  8. Increase overall performance and output of the company
Entrepreneurial Business Coaching

What We Cover in Life Coaching Programs

Under the guidance of the best life coach in India, you will find coaching and training related to your overall health, relationship coaching, career coaching, as well as spiritual coaching. 

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness coaching covers the basic idea of health depending upon the individual and provides customized lifestyle plans including diet, workout and other factors affecting health. Here people understand how their health is also affecting their overall progress in life. It enables a person to become his/her own guide in the long run. It gives an idea of how our body & mind works and enables an individual to make his/her lifestyle the way he/she wants.


General idea of a relationship is between couples, but the fact is that relationship means our connection with the world, be it with parents, friends or colleagues. With couple coaching program, I enable the individual to understand how one influences others and how others influence the one and how to be in control of the influence. It basically makes individual relationships smooth.

Career Coaching

The idea of a career is ingrained in us before we even knew what a career is. A lot of misunderstanding is going around in the world about career. Career Coaching programs make an individual clear of what he/she wants with his/her life and liberates the individual thereby empowering him/her to choose whatever career he/she wants.


This is the end and the beginning of every coaching. Everyone wants to know and the process of knowing or seeking itself is spirituality. There are many ways to reach the ultimate or to become complete but it is important to understand what works for whom. Spiritual coaching with Sahil Kumar Nagpal helps the individual to walk on his/her own path towards the ultimate.

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