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What is the UNIVERSAL PROBLEM in Corporate?

corporate training in india

For various reasons like upbringing, habitat & genetics, mostly all the human beings all over the world have burdened themselves with unnecessary load and so cannot realize their true potential. 

If only one strives to know his/her potential one can unleash one’s true strength and boost productivity, actions & output. Based on the years of research and study in modern sciences, ancient sciences, and after practical implementation on a different subject corporate program titled PERFORMANCE BOOSTER, is designed that actually helps the participants to realize their true strengths and teaches methods and techniques to boost their overall output on individual, team and company level.

As a life coach and the best corporate trainer in India, my entire effort is to make our participants realize their true potential, not only theoretically but practically through conceptual training, entertaining games, infotained lectures, self-check exercises, brainstorming tasks, practices & meditations, videos, and routine homework. And empower them by teaching them to use it in their everyday life, thereby creating a better individual, team, organization, and society.


best corporate trainer in india

Duration: 10 Days

24 hours (3 hours each day for 7 days, and 1 hour for 3 days)

Flow (will vary from topic to topic)

  • 30 min ice breaker activity
  • 15 min discussion
  • 30 min practices
  • 15 min break
  • 30 min brainstorming activity
  • 30 min role play/video lesson
  • 30 min Concept Learning


Day-1: Intro & Goal Setting

Day-2: Types of Actions & Results

Day-3: Mindset

Day-4: States of mind

Day-5: Emotional Intelligence

Day-6: Body Structure & Language

Day-7: Lifestyle

Day-8: Experience Sharing & Discussion

Day-9: Experience Sharing & Discussion

Day-10: Final Conclusion

top corporate trainer in india


There is an understanding that fitness is only physical and applicable to some sport or hardcore physical activity. But in reality, for any type of physical and/or mental activity a basic fitness is required. 

Even in a corporate work environment, we need a specific type of fitness which keeps our body & mind in optimum work condition. BM3, part of our corporate training in India, is a customized program in which we train the employees on how to keep body & mind in optimum condition to fetch optimum results in whatever work one does.  

The program can be designed for 1 hour to up to 10 hours depending upon the requirements of the organization.

emotions and intelligence


Michael Beldoch first introduced the concept of emotional intelligence in his 1964 paper and it states that emotional intelligence is the ability to understand one’s own emotions and their influence in one’s activity and then developing the ability to understand other person’s emotions and deal with the person accordingly. 

Emotional intelligence is considered the major factor for the success of any organization or any individual. The common conception is that emotions are something when we feel very happy or very sad but in reality, at any given point in time we have a certain level of emotion. In fact, we human beings are nothing but an emotional body. To make other people work we need to understand the other person’s emotional state.

Emotional Intelligence is a program that explains scientific reasoning behind the emotions of the person and its influence over his/her performance. In this corporate training program, we provide training on how to be in control of our emotions and how to deal with people with different emotional states.

The program can be designed for 1 hour to up to 10 hours depending upon the requirements of the organization.

stress management coach and trainer


Stress is the biggest obstacle to a person’s growth and so it is a common snag in the corporate world. Stress is a physical response towards particular situations of life and like any response, it is meant to be for a reason. However, due to improper lifestyle and wrong mindset person develops stress-related problems.

The stress management program by the best corporate trainer in India teaches the science behind the stress response of the body and how to take control of this response for productivity. 

The program can be designed for 1 hour to up to 10 hours depending upon the requirements of the organization.

desktop lifestyle training in india


It is preferred especially in IT sectors or companies having departments working on computers. It comprises a set of body movements that deal with neck and shoulder pains. For vision, we include some eye movements that prevent damages to the eye due to constant exposure to monitor screens. We also teach meditation and breathing techniques that calm the mind and improve productivity.


The sales job is a profile where constant pressure is on the head. We teach breathing exercises that bring down anxiety and increases creativity, confidence and productivity. Dealing with clients in negotiations becomes easy and positive.


It is designed to eliminate impurities through the body via breath. It also includes pranayama and meditation that purifies the body and mind and increases productivity.


It is preferred for a work profile where client engagement is involved. It comprises different type of meditation that keeps mind calm in worst conditions that support highly while dealing with aggressive clients.


Our customized corporate training programs in India offer certain techniques and hacks related to individual work profiles. There are different types of challenges and problems in different types of jobs. A person working in the IT sector in front of a computer must be having different problems and challenges than a person working in a field or factory. 

Our customized programs help people improving in his/her career and overcoming obstacles. Also our basic meditation program helps clear an individual’s head, reducing stress and anxiety and thereby improving creativity and productivity. This improves the quality of personal and professional life too.

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