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Author, Researcher, Wellness & Life Coach in India.

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Sahil Kumar Nagpal is an Indian author, researcher, and life & wellness coach. Also, he is a martial artist, yogi & entrepreneur.

With thorough knowledge of modern psychology that he gained from a renowned psychologist Kanan Parikh and the fundamental understanding of the functioning of the human body that he gained from his martial discipline, he researches in various paranormal sciences that hold the functioning of Panda (human body & mind) and Brahmanda (universe). 

Under the guidance of Sensei Jesal Patel, he received his black belt in the traditional full-contact style of karate called Kan Zen Ryu and a national level bronze medalist in Kickboxing. 

He is a certified international level 2 Yoga & Wellness Teacher from IYA (Indian Yoga Association), the Indian government body of yoga. 

The subtle healing art of marma & prana vidya was taught to him by Dr. Priyanka Sharma & Dr. Hemant Sharma. Under the guidance of Gurdev Nidar Singh Nihang, he learns & teaches the ancient battlefield science of India, Sanatan Shastar Vidiya, which in many ways holds various aspects of lifestyle sciences.

Sahil Kumar Nagpal is among the top life coaches in India, known for his research, wellness coaching, and corporate training.

Professional Corporate Trainer

What little knowledge he has gathered from various sources he shares it through his books, guest lectures, workshops, one-to-one life coaching sessions, corporate training, articles & blogs on websites, newspapers & magazines, videos on various channels, television shows, etc. 

He is working with corporations like Reliance, G.A.C.L., Power Grid, Shell, and Aditya Birla and with universities like Parul University, Gujarat University, and M.S. (Maharaja Sayajirao) University. He also coaches and trains in various small & medium scale organizations. 

His one-to-one students or clients are from various walks of life like actors, business owners, teachers & coaches, doctors, models, entrepreneurs, politicians, students, senior citizens, artists, etc.

Impactful Life Coaching & Training

My Coaching Method

“The method through which the knowledge & experiences that I have gathered from various sources is not easy for everyone. 

The way I have learned and I keep on learning may or may not be for everyone and so I bring out and present the knowledge in such a way that from a layman to a genius both can grab as per their own level of understanding. 

I don’t actually teach anything to anyone, no one can do that, it is just that I live what I teach & coach, and when someone is curious to learn I guide him or her to create the necessary environment within and without so that he or she can explore on his own. 

It is all about you, all I do is assist you to get better the way you want and not the way you think you want. What is important is not what I coach but what you learn. It is all about YOU.”

skn organization by sahil kumar nagpal


Sahil Kumar Nagpal was running an IT firm with the name SKN Organization from Sept – 2009 to Aug – 2016. The company was dealing in web design, SEO, digital marketing, and software development. 

With headquarters in Vadodara, the company had sales offices in Ahmedabad, Surat, Bharuch, Ankleshwar & Vapi. 

He was also into the business of land estate broking & documentation with the name SKN Land Estate. 

In order to dive more into the field of self-inquiry and transformation, he transferred all the IT business to his friend and associate Mr. Nishant Singh, Founder & CEO of Webmunk Technology, and got into full-time research & inquiry.

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Interview with Author Sahil Kumar Nagpal

Researcher in Psychology & Physiology

Just out of curiosity and in order to excel in business he was already learning and researching in the field of psychology and physiology. 

But when at a certain point he realized that there is a limitation in the western approach to tap into deeper fields of consciousness he turned his way down in another direction. 

He has been researching in the ancient sciences of India like shad Darshana (six schools of philosophy) yoga, Mimamsa, Vedanta, Nyaya, Vaiseshika & Sankhya. He is also researching tantra & Hatha vidiya. 

Some fundamental childhood experiences, experiences in deep meditations, and internal awareness that he developed with his physical discipline of martial arts he is able to unveil the hidden secrets of tantra. While studying different shastras he is able to decode the messages, methods & techniques given in the shastras of tantra & hatha yoga. 

Tantra and Vedanta

Vedanta & tantra are just two different approaches to decoding the functioning of Brahmanda (Universe) & Panda (human body & mind). 

Both the disciplines are from two different cultures that flourished together for thousands of years in ancient India, however, there were times that both the schools were hostile to each other but they also complement each other and do share traits with each other. 

Both the approaches are the work on the human psyche and are extremely relevant in today’s times if studied properly. Matter of fact is that it was, is, and will be relevant in all different times, and therefore it is called Sanatan that means timeless. 

These sciences are experiential sciences and do not work only on theory and so it is essential to go into deeper states of consciousness during different Kaal (times) and desh (situations).


People have created this stigma that tantra comes from the word TAN which means body and so tantra is related to BODY and so tantric practices have sex involved.

In reality, Tantra fundamentally is the mental images we form in our mind, the images of different information we gain through our 5 senses, images of the assumptions we make, images of the feeling we generate, images of the output of the actions we took, etc. Tantra is just the mental construct we form of the entire universe. The field of tantra approaches through these mental constructs or images. It goes very deep and is ultrafine.

Karate Black Belt

Karate was developed on Okinawa Island and was fundamentally developed by monks, and so holds the science of lifestyle and not just fighting and or self-defense.

With the intention of learning the lifestyle and fighting art of Karate, Sahil Kumar Nagpal went to learn from the best of the masters Sinhan Jesal Patel. Under him, he not only learnt different defense and attack tactics but also the hard lessons of life. He got a black belt degree in the traditional full-contact style of karate known as Kan Zen Ryu (The Perfect Method) Karate.

Hatha Vidiya

Hatha yoga is a more direct approach to tantra. During medieval times in India, misuse of knack developed by the tantric practices grew so much that it started ill faming the sacred science of knowledge. People for their personal materialistic agendas started learning certain obscene & lewd practices and ended up ruining their lives thereby leaving a dirty mark on this sacred science.

So Baba Gorakhnath disciple of Baba Matyendranath came up with an objective to show the society of the real side of this science and that later evolved into the science of Hatha Yoga. Unlike tantra yoga, hatha yoga focuses more on the physical body, most people think that hatha yoga makes the body stronger, leaner, defined, fat-free, healthy, etc etc.

Yes, all of this happens as a side effect but the major objective here is to tap into a state where you can consciously burn even the most primitive impressions of many lives that are stored in our genetics and that are the biggest obstacle of our materialistic and spiritual growth. It is about taking conscious charge of our life by taking charge of our body & prana. In tantra, this is more of a direct approach but the processes of tantra are too much intense, diverging & petrifying for most people to practice.

Tantra is only for the most advanced, valorous & incorruptible seekers, hatha yoga can be done by anyone who is dedicated enough.

Marma & Prana Vidiya

Within the body and outside the body there is a field of energy. Even particle physics acknowledges this field of energy, in general, they refer it to as the Higgs field.

This energy is called PRANA and it organizes and flows through specific pathways, these pathways are referred to as NADIS. Where two or more nadis meet, that junction point is referred to as MARMA or CHAKRA.

The science of marma and prana was given utmost importance in Indian martial tradition and Ayurveda discipline as it is directly linked with the wellbeing of the person.

One can improve the wellbeing of the person by accessing certain marmas and one can also hamper the wellbeing of the person by accessing certain marmas in a particular way. Marma vidiya flourished mainly in Southern India, Sahil learned this subtle art from Dr. Hemant Sharma & Dr. Priyanka Sharma.

Shastra Vidiya

It is said that just like Yoga, Natya Shastra, Nada Vidiya, Sanatan Shastar Vidiya also come directly from Adi Deva Shiva and so it is not only a martial art but a way of living life, to be precise the warrior’s way. 

Shastar Vidiya as of now is one of the few arts that hold the long-lost secret to human mechanisms. As the vidiya comes directly from Adi Deva Shiva, it also holds some elements of tantra & Hatha vidiya, the elements that are not to be found in the yoga studios and sadly in many yoga ashrams. 

These elements are experiential and can be only learned from swadhayaya swaym adhyayan (study on the self by yourself). 

Sahil Kumar Nagpal is teaching this art and learning this art under the guidance of Gurdev Nidar Singh Nihang along with many other students who hold a similar interest in ancient sciences. 

Also being trained in tantra yoga & hatha vidiya he is able to decode the subtle functioning of the human body & mind and how it affects our actions & decision-making in our day-to-day life.

shastra vidiya

National Medalist


national karate medalist sahil nagpal

Under the guidance of the same sir, Sinhan Jesal Patel he also learned the full-contact combat sport of K1 Kick Boxing. 

He earned a bronze medal in the National Level Competition held in Faridabad during Dec 2014 in the Low Kick Category and was one of the 1st batches of Gujarat who got the medal in full contact and above categories. He later earned a black belt in the combat sport. 

kickboxing by sahil kumar nagpal


You may find many words today that have been corrupted by overuse at unnecessary places. SPIRITUALITY is one of those words. The true meaning of being spiritual is about getting connected to that omniscience, omnipotent, omnipresence element, it is about realizing it, not just theoretically but experientially. 

Every effort that we know as Sadhana is only and only to experience this element. But many of us because of poor understanding and guidance limit this sadhana only to certain activities like mediation, yoga, pooja, prayers, mantra chanting, etc. 

A person may be doing yoga for decades but still, he or she may not be connected to that element and so he is not a true SADHAKA, a person on the other hand may not be doing any type of sadhana but everything he does, he does it consciously and with the awareness that each and every action of ours is a surrender to the will of the element which is beyond. 

Every activity has the potential to connect to that element which is beyond and so every activity can become a sadhana if done consciously with awareness under the guidance of the proper master. 

But there is a proper science and methodology of getting to the point where one is firmly established in that element and one who strives to go there will eventually get there.

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Book by Sahil Kumar Nagpal

life the way you design book by sahil kumar nagpal

Life The Way You Design book is an amalgamation of modern sciences of physiology & psychology and ancient sciences of tantra & Vedanta.

It teaches the reader how he/she is practically in-charge of his/her life and how to technically take control of his/her life.

The book covers 9 chapters with practices mentioned at the end of each chapter.

The book explains in a practical & scientific way that just by understanding the functions of the mind, prana (energy) and body, one can take precise control of his/her life and become whatever he/she wants.

No one has ever provided such a practical and scientific explanation of how life works.